Libertarians Admit Medicare-For-All Saves TRILLION$!

A study funded by the Koch brothers revealed that Medicare For All would save the Government money.

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Photo Credit: "Medicare for All Rally", © 2017 Molly Adams, Flickr | CC-BY

Libertarians Admit Medicare-For-All Saves TRILLION$!

104 thoughts on “Libertarians Admit Medicare-For-All Saves TRILLION$!

    • Hit Reset Button You do not have an argument. Sorry, I do not get paid for this. I actually have a regular day job. Get lost.

    • RocketmanRockyMatrix I see you did not respond to “You contribute nothing. Annoy everyone.” Must have hit the nail on its head then. Have a nice day doing something else.

    • Brad Berry Obama is neither relevant nor a progressive. So good, let him go endorse corporate dems, not real liberals

    • Because she is the gift that keeps on giving for the GOP. She is too far left, even for Obama. With Crowley still on the ballot, winning in November is not a sure thing for crazy eyes.

  1. Libertarianism is social Darwinism. It is evil incarnate, the ultimate form of selfishness. They don’t even deny this, after all their hero Ayn Rand glorified selfishness.

    • fred6319 There are always some which are totally altruistic or who in general will work hard under any circumstance. However, as a whole humans are gain driven.

      The first to use animals as beasts of burden surely made a profit in that he had more time or could do more labor. They almost certainly were not thinking, “ah this will help humanity”.

    • kickchef3 Sorry, but the country that leads the way of high tech equipment for hospitals is Germany, a country with Universal Healthcare, and it sells it to countries with Medicare for all, like UK, Spain, Poland, Frances etc.

    • DanRyzESPUK 16 of the top 30 most advanced hospitals are in The US, Asklepios Klinik Barmbek is the only German hospital to make the the list and it is ran by a private network.

  2. Hey Jimmy an NHS funded by the federal government would not be funded by taxes because federal taxes do not fund governmental spending #mmt

    • berzerkerdav I had a room mate from China and from our conversations about it, I got the impression that China is in a more precarious situation than most people would think. He said that all the banks have a much lower required savings rate than us, which makes the economy grow quicker. However, the lower the required savings rate, the less stable the system becomes. Something that would be a minor setback here could cause a chain reaction in China because they aren’t keeping enough money on hand, its all on paper (according to my friend) Sort of like what happened in the beginning of the Great Depression where everybody lost their savings.

    • There are theories and then there are theories. General Relativity is a theory… with a mountain of evidence. MMT is a theory which has never been fully unquestionably tested.

    • Braden Anderson I know you mean well with your comment and you clearly put a lot of time into it, but basically everything you said is completely off base. I don’t have time to explain civics to you.

      Just one example. Toll roads are not owned by the state (or city) it’s operated by a private company on behalf of the company that built the road. If the government builds the road they are only aloud to take tolls until the road has been “payed off”, but even then it’s still a budgetary issue that I’m not going to explain. If the state decides to keep the road a toll road they still hand it over to a private company and just collect a tax.

    • “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. “Henry Ford

  3. They should be talking about workers owning the means of production. As a healthcare worker, we need to have, not only a seat at the table, but the entire goddamned table. All power to the workers!!!

  4. Scandinavians are social democrats not “democratic socialists” , their is a huge difference in definition between the two Jimmy.

    • It’s time for fascist socialism.
      These ignorant low info Right wing only base their world view on belief.
      We must tax the hell out of churches and have a massive campaign of truth and history to destroy those bronze age sky God myths.
      Then we must nationalize banks, energy and healthcare.
      Workers take control of corporations.
      After we did ourselves from capitalist feudalism then we can reinstate the Republic.
      Like a band aid, it must be quick and total

    • Pedantic, semantic – let’s call the whole thing off! Hahaha! I did mean pedantic though: “too concerned with literal accuracy or formality.”

    • No, the progressives just chose a stupid name, because America’s education system is so crappy and the practice of giving trophies for losing. Just change the name, it’s not that hard. Single Payer saves money, but most progressives don’t think that should be emphasized. They have minimal marketing skills.

    • 333 MMM US is a social democracy the same way China is communist or the same way Venezuela is socialist. The reality about nations is much more complex than that since regardless what general ideological leanings a nation would have, its policies are still legislated by different people with different political agenda. The only people who care too much about these “ideological brands” are people who are into identity politics. “I am a capitalist therefore I am correct, you are a socialist therefore your policy ideas will fail because ‘socialism’ has been tried before in Venezuela and it failed” – this is identity politics which often comes from the very same people who are whining about identity politics.

      People who actually care would only care whether a policy is good for the people or bad for the people. People who delve too much into terminologies waste their time if it is the right brand or not – policies be damned.

    • Democratic Socialist is just full socialism in small steps. Did you do any research at all on the topic? Socialists decided there was no way America would go socialist all at once. So they created the term Democratic Socialist which was to get to full socialism just in small steps. So Both Bernie and Cortez are socialist who want full socialism. They just plan to do it with small steps since the American people would reject them if they stated their real purpose.

    • The medical insurance industry market valuation is 932 billion in 2017 or 5% of GDP while bringing nothing of value to the public.

    • godz illest – “protecting”… when the mafia does that – they call it a “Racket”… From whom are the Europeans being protected? S. Americans? Libyans and Syrians?…

      God called… she said keep her name out-yer-mouth (and username).

    • Edward Saucedo – Itz called the ‘poverty draft’… And tuition should be free for all, anyway. Give the military’s budget to over to Education….

    • The gi bill is a major reason we will never have healthcare for all. Enrollment would drop 50% and who would fight in the stupid for profit offensive wars then?

  5. Denmark, Sweden and Norway aren’t socialist either. social democracy is what they are and they still operate under a capitalist system. democratic socialism or socialism in general seeks to abolish capitalism and eventually the state as well. this idea that socialism is just the government controlling everything by the right is a fabrication, people do not understand Marxism

    • He EXPLAINED them at the start of the video, only thing is he mixes the terms.. still, he KNOWS the difference, look at the video again

    • Amen, finally someone with a brain. I’ve been telling these idiots the difference between democratic socialism (crazy eyes Cortez) and social democracy (Scandinavian model), but they are either too stupid to understand or chose to ignore the difference. Even the PM of Denmark had to repudiate the socialist label that idiots have been applying to his country. Yet, the idiots keep insisting to use the Scandinavian model as example of successful socialism.

    • Yep. The Americans think that Scandinavia is socialist.. And since Scandinavia is the wet dream for Americans, they believe that socialism will solve all problems in a magical way. As it has done in the fairytale land of Norway.

  6. Venezuela is a failed state. Norway has the happiest people on earth, although Sweden, Iceland, and Finland might have something to say about it. Any questions?

    • D Deen Righty-oh. So you would have us all tune-in to fox & friends for our daily dose of enlightenment? I’m sure that’ll help make everyone smarter. Idiot.

    • I assume you are trolling? European involvement in most of Africa was one of the best things that ever happened to it, look at the population growth, life expectancy,literacy before and after etc…
      Also one a side note, why pick out Europeans, when Arabia took over Millions of slaves(17-100 depending on sources definition etc…) out of Africa from 7th century until around the 1960s… but they get a free pass…

    • The happiest countries are the most homogeneous countries. It kinda funny that whitest countries are the best off. Most likely it is also because they only have 5 millionish people and they control who comes into their country.

    • Jeffie Jeff’s Art what socialist countries are there in Africa? Most of Africa’s socialist countries stopped being socialist in the 90s

  7. I’m a vet who recently lost most of my vision. I’ve lost most of what I had because I lost my job. Waited 3 years only to be denied by Social Security. So much for the American social safety net.

    • skipgrumble
      i saw about an eye surgeon in the US who was insured with UNUM , when he got Parkinson disease they wouldn’t pay out .i hope you get sorted out soon

    • Lilly Fields
      if you think for profit corporations running your beter you are delusional
      corporations are running the government

    • I wish more young people would read Major General Smedley Butler’s ‘War is a Racket’ before they decided to enlist. I know it’s hard to get through to us when we’re young. But I believe that’s due to our sick for-profit$ system.

      In 1949 Einstein said “The profit motive, in conjunction with competition among capitalists, is responsible for an instability in the accumulation and utilization of capital which leads to increasingly severe depressions. Unlimited competition leads to a huge waste of labor, and to that crippling of the social consciousness of individuals which I mentioned before. This crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evil. An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future career.”

    • Keep in mind that in America anything to the left of Genghis Khan is considered ‘socialism’. Hence why you had tea party mongoloids calling Obama, a centre-right shillmaster, a socialist.

    • Damn, you are going to disappoint them. Scandinavian countries welfare states that run on a capitalist economy. Yet, these idiots just don’t get it. I’m French and they even tell me that my country is a socialist country, lol.

    • Yep. The Americans think that Scandinavia is socialist.. And since Scandinavia is the wet dream for Americans, they believe that socialism will solve all problems in a magical way. As it has done in the fairytale land of Norway.

    • i post this equation for a while now that displays this argument in america..80 per cent capitalism + 20 percent socialism = 100 percent communism..the center in america has moved to full blown trickle down reaganomics and neoliberalism on steroids that what is the centerleft elsewhere is far far to the left from such an extreme right wind point of view..they also like to mention the communists leaders like stalin as an identifier for bernie sanders and noone ever brings up the exact same fake analogy comparing a neoliberal politician to the oligarchic crony capitalist dictatorships that ravaged latin america and the third world countries for decades under the reign of characters like pinocet batista vidella and many many other ,so the center left is the devil and communism..the neoliberal democrats and republicans the end of history and only possible option in eternity..fdr and sanders are stalin and castro

  8. you and everybody else trying to defend this is doing it wrong Jimmy, the problem in venezuela is that unlike cuba it isn’t socialist, so the government its trying to help poor people live a little better and the rich capitalists there respond by hoarding everything to try to topple the government, if venezuela was actually socialist, they wouldn’t have capitalists idiots hoarding goods.
    socialism its not the problem in venezuela but it would solve the problems they have.

    • @Snirate snigs @Didier Depardieur you are obviously so smart that what both of you did is say that im correct and you didnt even notice. because you are so damned smart that you dont understand that if the problem is people not making enough profit, then the problem is not socialism but the lack of it.

    • Didier Depardieur haha. Any entire country that just decided hey! Lets all hoard goods. I am gonna label you as this month’s best troll. Well played, sir.

    • Jaime Fernandez
      So, are you saying that their are no price controls and high inflation in Venezuela? Hmm. I must have followed faked news all this time. What is socialism? Government controls means of production and rations out for all the needs of a population. Are you saying if Venezuela has gone full blown communism then they would be better off? You should talk to some Chinese or Vietnamese to see how that model had worked out for them. The only reason that they are where they are today is because they had the smarts to mix in capitalist ideas.

      Snirate snigs, I’ve take measure of your intelligence and found it lacking, so you can go on thinking whatever thoughts you please in that vast empty space you call a brain.

  9. Just going back to the military budget we had in the height of the Iraq war would fund a single payer healthcare system.

    BTW why is our military budget higher than it was during the height of the Iraq war???

    • Peace at home, and war abroad. In the end, the ever increasing defense debt quantified their fear of the encroachment of war breeching the wall. No one dared speak about the terror in their dreams of what loomed beyond the wall, but they knew the world was awash with such death that its tide could not be forever kept far away.

    • It’s easy to fool people into supporting ideas for shorter or longer periods of time. Almost any politician can fool the masses into supporting his ideas for weeks or months, and the most talented manipulators – Chavez was certainly very talented at making people side with him, Maduro not so much – can do so for many years. And if your promise is making 80 to 90 percent of the population better off at the expense of the richest 10 to 20 percent, it’s even easier to get wide popular support – regardless of how well those at the bottom are doing to begin with. That’s the very reason socialism can exist as anything else than a marginalized ideal of a few.

    • Damn you live in a parallel universe with unicorns and fairies. There was a CIA coup and Chavez was kidnapped. The whole damn country rose up in protest to demand his return. He was and still is extremely popular among the masses of people. You are just a bitter 1% wannabe.

    • But like Graham said and is dead on about, is how many examples of socialist countries can you name that HAVEN’T been seriously messed with by the US and/or former oligarchs who use their remaining power to back coups to reclaim nationalized industries? (oftentimes working together) Even the Soviet Union was invaded by 23 western countries in it’s birth year including the US, England, France, Japan (kind of western), etc. the soldiers were never taught why they were invading Russia to kill Bolsheviks or why they were backing the insurgent “White movement” soldiers and it led to massive mutinies once they found out (even defections to join the Bolsheviks!) which was never reported in Western press and eventually led to their withdrawal. Even Churchill said something like “if we can smother Bolshevism in it’s infancy it would be a service to humanity”, obvious what class he was a part of if he felt that threatened by a revolution in a distant and unrelated country.

      One of the textbook arguments against Socialism is that it can never last because they always have problems that lead to their overthrow, in basically every single case it’s the result of US destabilization again and again and again. If Socialism is bound to fail why not let it fail and publicize that? Why bother destabilizing and overthrowing a government that you _know_ is going to fail sooner or later? It doesn’t make sense, and hurts the argument.

    • Yeah, why has dental always been treated like essential to your health? It has different insurance even. Bad teeth and gums can effect the rest of your health.

    • That’s America today: sugar added to 99% of our easiest to find foods, while basic heath care unaffordable to most citizens. Nearly all inner cities groceries have a pitiful selection of live vegetables and fruits, often overpriced. And few lower income people have the ability to take the bus crosstown for a couple hours to make a health food run. Recipe for a perpetually vulnerable, sick and destitute population.

    • I’ll add: I’m in my thirties now, and I haven’t been to the dentist since I quit 9th grade in 1996 to work. I’ve been working hard every since, and falling further behind every year.

    • Gore Shade, ain’t that the tooth (truth)! Even here in California, where MediCal and DentiCal are supposedly better, we are limited to only a precious few dentists, and an incredibly limited amount of services. E.g., if we have more that a couple fillings to drill or replace, the wait can be interminable. Some of us elect not to go to get inferior service that may compromise our health more (as in, I have old mercury fillings that need to be SAFELY replaced, and have been saving up for over two decades to accomplish).

  10. I have a brother who lets MSNBC guide his thoughts. He makes well over a $150,000 a year. He’ll agree with a medicare for all system, then turn around and let MSNBC subconsciously swayed his mind elsewhere. Or even if they don’t sway his mind, make him put it to the back of his thoughts.

    He fits the textbook definition of that Clinton voter who thought the situation in the country wasn’t that big a deal, just vote for her she’ll be just fine. Yes she is more skillfully than Orange man but that’s not the point. But now he thinks it’s a bigger deal because Trump is in office?? I like the way people want to find the time to call it bad now. He thinks he took Obama for granted, while ignoring he wrong doings of corporatism. That historical ignorance that usually exist with the GOP voter base, it’s been alive and well in the Democratic Party, they have their equivalent.
    The dummy voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries in 2016, so just to give you guys an idea, he is a progress of thinker, unfortunately complacent with this capitalist, corporatist, and outdated country.

  11. You know what really hurts productivity, when people can’t afford to take a sick day so they come to work medicated on NyQuil and infected everyone else and then those people get their kids sick and then their kids go to school and infect more people.

    This kid at my child’s school got an award for perfect attendance. I instantly hated that patient zero bastard. Am I wrong?

    • I’d say you’re exactly right in your diagnosis, but wrong to hate the kid whose parents took her/him to school regardless of health. Even adults who go to work sick do so because they fear the consequences of taking time off.

    • danny j I agree. It wasn’t the kids fault his parents couldn’t or wouldn’t take a day off. But… somehow I just know he was the one helping pass out markers with his snot soaked hands. Don’t ask me how.

  12. Jimmy California politicians running in November on your show please, if they say no let us know who they are and why

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