Leigh Sales orders Shorten to defend Medicare ‘scare campaign’

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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been grilled by Leigh Sales. … on his heart over Labor's Medicare scare campaign in a sometimes … "I do say to Australians you can trust Labor to defend Medicare, you …. Your Vote in order to reflect salient issues in the election campaign and surrounding public debate.

4 thoughts on “Leigh Sales orders Shorten to defend Medicare ‘scare campaign’

  1. ah Bill the ”Im the biggest fûcktard in Australian politics” in all his
    glory… If I really want a good chuckle I go and look up his ” I dont
    know what the Prime Ministers said but I agree with it… ” comedy skit
    from a few years ago.. brilliant, John Cleese would be proud.. .whats
    that??? it wasnt a skit???

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