Las Vegas Medicare Specialists {Scam}

We discuss Las Vegas Medicare Specialists in the Medicare Advantage Video.

We are Las Vegas Medicare Specialists. Robert Eldridge (Our Founder) has been licensed in all lines of insurance business since 1997. Michelle Kammoua (Managing Partner) has been working in the health insurance industry since 1996.

Robert has written and published over 375 articles about Medicare, Will & Trusts, Annuities, Life Insurance, and other financial topics and has published over 500 insurance training videos on YouTube.

To become a Las Vegas Medicare Specialist, it consists of a very long journey of education and hands on experience. Each year our agents go through a minimum of 40 hours of additional required Federal Medicare training which does not include the yearly education that agents must do in order for them to keep their licenses.

The Beginning
In 2008, Robert realized many of his annuity clients were seeking Medicare plans from other brokers. After researching the population, Robert realized that 10,000 people within the United States are turning 65 and eligible for Medicare daily.

Not long after that Robert got certified with Medicare and he began working on a new concept for his company. To him it was a no brainer.

We offer All Plans
Montridge Insurance Services offers all Medicare Advantage Plans in Las Vegas including Medicare Supplements.

Robert is also a proud Veteran and works with Veterans at VA clinics to guide them through the process of getting Medicare and finding a plan that fits their needs.

Extra Help
Some people need extra help paying premiums, Part A premium, and Drug assistance. We have teamed up with a local non-profit company which helps our clients get the benefits they deserve.
We have also teamed up with the folks at the Nevada Drug Card. Not only can you receive discounts on drugs, but also for Lasik surgery, teeth whitening, hearing aids, etc.

Free Mobile Service
We offer a free Mobile Service directly to your home. We have found that most of our clients feel more comfortable doing business and discussing their personal information in their own home. We can make that happen.

Work with people that work for you. We are a well-rounded agency and we would like the opportunity to work on your next Medicare plan.

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