Kamala Harris Vs. Elizabeth Warren On Medicare For All

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Kamala Harris Vs. Elizabeth Warren On Medicare For All

20 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Vs. Elizabeth Warren On Medicare For All

  1. She said she supported the Medicaid for all bill. If she doesn’t even know it’s Medicare for all, just how seriously do you take her statement? More BS from another Repub with a (D) next to her name.

  2. ” I intend to sponsor the bill, because it’s just the right thing to do”
    Really? And when exactly did you come to this conclusion, you lying skank?

  3. Major problems here, Jimmy. EW is a puppet putting on a YET ANOTHER dog and pony show for you. her enthusiasm is NOT for single payer but for the corporate hooker, the failed attorney general, and the flock of fucking neo-liberals standing behind her.

    Now, even IF we get single-payer passed (and we really might, people are rightfully pissed and uniquely focused) we will have a major fucking problem on our hands IF we leave these neo-liberals and neo-cons to carry out this legislation. these twisted politicians have demonstrated over and over and over again that PROGRESS WILL BE PUNISHED both directly and indirectly. if these enemies of the people are left in place while we celebrate the passing of single-payer and then go back to our lives they will corrupt it with one hand and break its foundations with the other.

    Don’t you remember the ‘big short’ the most important line is, “even if you are right, what makes you think they are going to pay you? if you honestly believe that they are going to pay you it means that you still believe in the system you are betting against.”

    Progressives, please, I am BEGGING you, get on my level, we are already way behind schedule.

  4. You’re ‘skeptical’ of her intentions Jimmy? We’ve been through this before, if she’s taking money from big pharma, then she’s bullshitting all of us, end of story.

  5. Kamala Harris almost said: ” I’m going to sponsor, the Medicare for ALL Bill.
    Because it’s the Right thing to do & I WANT TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020 ! “

  6. Both said it differently, but will cost the taxpayers the same, trillionsssssss. Why do democrats never talk about cost and who pays. Why did they name it affordable care act, for the stupit left.

  7. Listen Jimmy tells these liars if they can give $80 Billion a year to big corporation every year….stop and give it to we who it belongs to. This would give full health care free college for all…

  8. Kamal Harris doesn’t even get the name of the bill right!!! she said “Medicaid” for all , not “medicare” for all. Does she know the difference? Makes it more obvious she is supporting it for votes and not because she really supports it. She knows it won’t pass this time around so she can hollowly co sponsor a bill with the most popular, most respected politician in America.

  9. It takes two months to get into see a PCP under Medicare, unless it’s an emergency, then maybe you can see your Dr in a week. They also wont pay for any testing beyond the basic screening. I know people who have waited 10 years for diagnosis of chronic illness who can’t get a diagnosis b/c Medicare won’t cover the needed testing! It’s really sad to see that happening.

  10. If she supports it, and votes for it, it doesn’t matter what’s in her heart. She can close her doors and cackle like a super villain , and long as she votes the right way.

  11. So, Elisabeth Warren, voting for Medicare for All while voting for Military budget raise. Everyone who survives
     military engagement can use Medicare for all then. Oh, jolly!

  12. I don’t understand you all hatin on both Harris and Warren…well, actually, I can but…Can someone tell me who ISN’T corrupt? Who IS willing to represent us? Are we done with democrazy and UP FOR some change or are we just about complaining and bragging how smart we all are to see all this.

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