Kamala Harris supports ‘Medicare-for-all’

GDP Advisers President Seth Denson on how Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said that she strongly believes that the U.S. needs a “Medicare-for-all” system.

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Kamala Harris supports ‘Medicare-for-all’

36 thoughts on “Kamala Harris supports ‘Medicare-for-all’

  1. Kamalla says No in her own State, but says Yes to National health care? That’s called failed Fiduciary Responsibility. She was a DA, obviously she has no business acumen!

  2. So ,will a person go through 8 years of medical school to be a govt. doctor and work for govt. wage ?? No ,all of our specialists and great surgeons will leave this country and we will habe hospital janitors operating on us !!!!

    • +stephane sonneville no,that is the problem …socialism means ..the people will het free healthcare …they plan to tax the rich …but they will just pack up and leave ,and our country will be vulnerable to our enemies ,and that will be horrible ?? Mexico will habe an influx of …Americans !!!

    • Mike Fournier   It took a self proclaimed Nationalist, Multi Billionaire, So called Racist, Non- establishment, Non-Ideological, Real estate Mogul to work on and is in the process of fixing the VA. Less that two yrs to affect positive change for our veterans. Compared to what our career Congressional Representation refused to do. It’s a crying shame the never ending Media Onslaught  against President Donald J. Trump.

    • +KAV SOLO the government has believed they know what’s best for the people ,and operated that way for decades ,until investigative journalism exposed their corruption in Watergate ,then after the hearings and resignation of Nixon , “Transparency” became the issue for future voters ,until the demnocrat party bought 95% of the liberal media and killed non- bias journalism ,and just used that venue to brainwash American voters and destroy any opposition at election time !!!! Wow ,great nation .huh ??

    • I make my living off the Evening News

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    • Mike Fournier   In 1982 when I heard this song by Don Henley I just thought it was a cool video on  *MTV*       (In 2019 we have the Most transparent President, quite possibly in US history, and they hate him for it)

  3. Let me tell you a story, there was one time a friend of mine went to doctor because there child was bleeding alot from a cut in there finger( turned out you bleed alot bcuz of capillary in the tip of the fingers or something like that) they went to emergency room and the came back home with a bandaid. That band aid was 7 dollars and an extra 637 dollar for extra cost. All of this money for just getting a band aid.

    • Grey Mind      $7 dollar band aids and the extra $637 is what covers the cost of all of those illegal Aliens that the Communists in Congress keep allowing in. Krazy Huh? I don’t know where you live but the emergency rooms in my hometown are always covered up with illegals.

  4. Kamala Harris wants to raise taxes on the ultra rich… but accepts donations from the ultra rich, corporate interests and super PACS ….let that sink in.

  5. Kamala Harris has already flipped flopped four times  in this issue since last month. Most importantly, Communist Bernie has just joined in the democrat’s circus. Therefore con artist Kamala’s fantasy dream for the WH  has gone in the wind.

  6. I have the right to do or put whatever I want into my body,my body my choice,, but when it comes to footing the dr’s bills for said actions ,, send it to my neighbor….
    Signed. Yours truly
    Commrad Bernie Sanders
    & Kamala “”Rugburn”” Harris
    & the bartender from the Bronx

  7. And yet, EVEN with Medicare Advantage, it’s still rationed healthcare! And I would love it if I could afford a regular medical insurance plan! Most Seniors are on HMO’s. HMO’s will literally ration you to death if they think they can get by with it! And might I remind the witch that WE paid into Medicare as well as Social Security all of our working years and YOU ARE NOT BANKRUPTING IT!

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