Kamala Harris On Medicare For All

California Senator Kamala Harris has announced she will co-sponser the 'Medicare for All' bill. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Stand up for Medicare for All here:

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"Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced at a town hall recently that she’ll be co-sponsoring Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) upcoming single-payer health care bill.

Talking to 700 people at a church in Oakland, California, Harris became the first Senate Democrat to publicly announce her support for Sanders’s legislation, which is expected to be released in mid-September.

“I’ll break some news: I intend to co-sponsor the Medicare-for-All bill because it's just the right thing to do,” said Harris, who is widely seen as a leading Democratic presidential candidate for 2020. She added with a laugh: “Somebody should tell my staff.”

Sanders’s staff is still putting the finishing touches on the legislation, but it is largely expected to resemble the one from his 2016 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton was dismissive of that proposal, saying single-payer would “never, ever happen.”*

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Kamala Harris On Medicare For All

33 thoughts on “Kamala Harris On Medicare For All

  1. Neo Liberals will say anything to get them elected, once they have won they reverse their promises, same old game shes a corporatist. she will not implement it, acta non verba.

  2. what win? she´s definitely lying. If i were a betting man, i would bet that Kamala Harris will take every progressive stance from now until 2020 when she runs for potus. The corporate democrats are smart and they have learnt from the 2016 election.
    lets not forget Kamala Harris recent meeting with dem. donors where she was anointed by the very corporatist who pushed clinton on us.

    • Nice well poisoning, bro. She doesn’t have a long or indepth political history but we do know:

      1. She’s against the war on drugs.
      2. Has a great record on marriage equality, supports equal rights for all.
      3. Has a 100% ratinfg from NARAL.

    • no one bad news kid, Hillary won the popular vote. There’s gonna be a woman in the White House real soon, and no amount of misogyny from you trump trolls can stop that.

    • TheRedRacoonDog –
      We also know:
      4. In 2013, Kamala Harris declined to prosecute Steven Mnuchin’s OneWest Bank for disasterous
      foreclosure violations.

  3. As an Australian I find it so weird America doesnt have free healthcare. I have never had any trouble going to emergency room or doctor and getting the help I need. People against it just say oh but you have massive waiting times. I have never waited more than a few hours at hospital and if your condition is life threatening or you are in more pain you are seen straight away or bumped up the list. I think thats a small price to pay so everyone can have health care. The problem is America spends so much money on the military it takes all that money away from things like health care.

    • generic 1978 we currently spend 40 billion or so on healthcare, it was higher before do to emergency room visits, if we implemented Medicare for all we could negotiate prices and lower costs dramatically we could at least save 3 billion.

    • Luke:

      This entire discussion misses the point. Medicare for all would actually cost LESS than the current system, not more, so budgetary restrictions are not the problem. Singapore spends roughly the same % of its GDP for the military as the U.S. and it has one of the most efficient and effective universal coverage systems in the world.

      The U.S. system is based on a decision after WWII to rely on employers to provide healthcare, which of course leaves out the unemployed and self-employed. This is a historical fluke, and for whatever reason we also have a conservative party in this country, unlike any other advanced country, that opposes government intervention in almost anything other than the military, so they oppose government intervention in healthcare.

      BTW, Australia stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the U.S. during WWI and even during Vietnam. I wouldn’t disparage the Australian military.

  4. She will support it, provided it is called the Kamala-Harris-For-President-Medicare-For-All-With-No-Help-From-Socialist-Bernie-Sanders bill.
    Just saying…

  5. She already got kissed by the big money. She is doing this so she will have cover in the primary. She knows it can’t pass so no risk. She is a left trump. All about herself. Give me a real women to vote for. Tuci Gabert or Nina turner. Thay art fack.

  6. all I have to do is wait and see if the media starts smearing her if that doesn’t happen it’s pretty safe to consider her a corrupt clintion type dem and unworthy of my vote

  7. During his campaign. Trump promised better insurance, lower rates and lower deductible. Medicare for all is the only way that happens. The greed of the health industry and Pharma will stand in the way, otherwise.

  8. I am glad that Harris is going to co-sponsor a bill with Mr. Sanders. I would never vote for her for president, she is hip deep in corporate donors. There are Democrats/Independents I would vote for: B. Sanders, E. Warren, Whitehouse. The best thing that could happen to congress is to stop big money donations.

  9. Yes, take your wins. Kamala said she will co-sponsor Bernie’s bill, not just say she supports single payer. A big step in the right direction. Lets see how it goes.

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