Kamala Harris Insta-Flips on “Medicare for All”

–2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris softens on her Medicare for All support within 24 hours of her recent CNN Town Hall, exactly as we've predicted many candidates would do
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Broadcast on January 31, 2019

Kamala Harris Insta-Flips on "Medicare for All"

71 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Insta-Flips on “Medicare for All”

    • +bdawk511 That’s all good in talk perhaps politically it would have been smarter for her to act tougher till she was in race then find realistic options if she’d president so folks like you vote for her. Donald Trump did that for the Mexican wall thing and well it worked…now he’s elected. She didn’t want to dampen her launch and makes sense but made that slight shift which most politicians wouldn’t even bother and fake it till they make it.

    • +Shahrukh .F blah blah blah, you’ll never get what you want if you cave in before the fight starts. That’s called negotiating from the middle and you’ll always end up with less than half of what you want. This is how we ended up with basically Nixon’s health plan.

    • +Umberto Eco I hear you have been taking the talking points of progressive channels well. I think the best strategy honestly would be to run center left and fight for progressive policies once in office. This way we would just end up getting a corporate Democrat or trump as president…so much for the negotiating from strength rhetoric everywhere I hear.

    • The Anti Alternate Reality  I guess you haven’t paid attention to the democratic losses during Obama’s terms, they all ran supposed center left campaigns in primaries then pivoted to center for general elections, what happened? Oh right, they lost both houses to the tea party, a right wing reactionary cabal of Neanderthals backed by some of the richest and most right wing members of the elites, and the presidency to a reality show buffoon. What actually needs to happen is to demonstrate that the country as a whole agrees with progressive policies than right wing policies. Issue by issue the polls show overwhelming support for Medicare for all, green new deal, taxing the rich, improving infrastructure, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, etc (Hell even fox news polls show that). That the reality is not what the MSM pundits say “we are a center right country”, well maybe the political establishment is center right, not the people as a whole. The country is social democratic, that is the real center of America. And no I didn’t take the progressive shows’ “talking points” I’ve had these ideas for a long time. I’m so far left, I want a Resource Based Economy, but alas, I will settle for a well regulated social democracy.

    • If l may,….We need Elizabeth as VP , if she’ll have Bernie and us ! After the fallout with Obama, the voters need a sensible ticket. Once they prove themselves the way will be open for a stable woman as President. Elizabeth is well experienced and qualified, dedicated, smart and fiercely strong enough to field the inevitable attacks on Bernie from the right wing fringe. I don’t see anybody else that could do that with credibility, who has the respect of her fellows on both sides of the aisle and the gumption to take on all comers. To my way of thinking ,2020 is not the time to take chances with unknowns, or the inexperienced and then see Trump sneak in again by the back door !

    • Dude theyre circulating videos of Bernie from 1987 of him being against gay marriage on Twitter. The corporate propaganda mahine are going all out assualt on him and Warren.

  1. The current employer based healthcare “system” has evolved to be a form of enslavement. People are not free to with hold their labor, because their healthcare will be withdrawn. That is why the Republican Party (Russian Asset Party) doesn’t want anything that liberates people.

    * Go on strike, lose your benefits
    * Blow the whistle, lose your benefits
    * Move to a bew state to start a new career, lose your benefits

    The current system is “heads corporations win, tails the people and the workers lose.” Lets talk about this more. Want to put “unions in their place” deny workers healthcare.

    The average person will have to change careers about 5 times in their lives. That’s careers, not jobs. That requires training and education. During the training and education people have to basicallt leave their jobs or have lost their jobs. If you are young and healthy, you can play the “Actuarial table” game and bet you’ll be ok for a year or two. Have children and a spouse, you are out of luck.

    • This is a great point conservatives need to understand. Workers have 0 leverage. When conservatives say “in a free market system, you can quit and get a new job”… that’s not the case for a lot of people.

      Part of what makes MFA+UBI so appealing is that workers would actually have some leverage. They could feasibly live for a few months without a job (albeit uncomfortably) and not worry about dying

  2. I could tell by the way Harris looked down at the floor before answering the question that she was not telling her truth. She spoke in a very disingenuous way. Her response and tone and body language lacked passion and conviction.
    I thought the only issue she actually spoke convincingly on was gun control.

    • (sigh) Yup. I got my hopes up when she came out so strong. I know her major donors are some media PAC but I really thought she would have more freedom with …media? I was wrong. I’m Canadian and from a traditionally- pretty left comparatively but I follow US politics closely. My province is changing quickly as the Asian immigrants (very broad label) are quickly becoming a majority. I love them all but was really shocked to find out how turned off and suspicious they are of Liberal Canadia and they have elected a right-wing premier who is making vast, sweeping changes that mirror your Democratic policies more.

  3. Harris, is a pandering phony on healthcare, & really awful on criminal justice. Mostly she speaks in word salad platitudes.

  4. cor·po·rat·ist
    a person who advocates for the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.
    “We knew Kamala Harris would not support #MedicareForAll because she is a corporatist.”

    • I wanted to clarify this a bit. I’ve been a long time repuglican, then a 10 year demorat, and have found that BOTH parties are NOT to be trusted. What the Demorats did to Sanders in 2016 was terrible. Also, putting a criminal Hillary up as a candidate shows how corrupt they are. On the flip, we all now what bag of dicks repugs are: Selfish, racist, sexist, all the ‘ist’ on the list. Please don’t vote lightly to get a demorat into the WH, as that’s just as much a fail as letting a drumpf-ite into office.

  5. Jest stick to Bernie Sanders, AOC, and, ig Elizabeth Warren bc we KNOW those people are going to fight for us. We cant take risks on anyone else.

    • I wish Bernie would throw his full support behind Tulsi. Let Our Revolution run her campaign. Declare Bernie as her V.P. choice. He only ran in 2016 because no one of significance would run. A real progressive is in the race. Anyway, I can’t wait to see her on the debate stage! She is so calm and collected.

    • I wish Bernie would give Tulsi his full support. Let Our Revolution run her campaign. Then she announces Beriie as her V.P. before any debate happens. Bernie only ran in 2016 because no real lefty would run against the Clinton machine. Tulsi is a real progressive. I think he will run, though. I am looking forward to seeing Tulsi on the debate stage! She is so calm and collected.

    • she already flipped on health care for all. What are you talking about? Also she flipped on recreational marijuana legalization.

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