Justice Dem Ro Khanna Runs Circles Around Fox Host On Medicare For All

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Justice Dem Ro Khanna Runs Circles Around Fox Host On Medicare For All

79 thoughts on “Justice Dem Ro Khanna Runs Circles Around Fox Host On Medicare For All

    • cratedog64 Nope. We have the videos to prove you’re a liar. The fact is most right wingers are terrified of the truth, and their pundits have a vested interest in hiding those facts.

    • So you deny that videos of them cutting people’s mikes don’t exist? What is it that you’re saying? Seriously you’re like a little kid going “Nuh-uh!” then covering your ears and running away. That doesn’t make facts go away, and only a moron or a liar would believe otherwise.

    • cratedog64 um… ask the trump administration they are the ones who tried to push trump care through even though nobody knew what version of the bill they were talking about. Do u think before you speak, or do you let Fox news do that for you?

  1. Ro: “it would be $17 trillion cheaper.”
    Fox host: “its going to be too expensive.”
    But he just told you it’s CHEAPER! How’s it more expensive AND cheaper? How sway, how?

  2. I just got done playing Mortal Kombat and Kyle mentioned it in this video. Coincidence? I think not! We’re both gay.

    • He hit her with an uppercut then she staggered back to her corner and asked her coach to throw in the towel. Coach said no and then Ro hit her again then she just started to spit out teeth and bullshit talking points.

    • and to reference MKX since we had the whole Flawless Victory line: “whats happenin’ bojangles?” – Johnny Cage to Bo Rai Cho (Bo being a drunk-fu master basically)

  3. Honest Question: A lot of these Justice Democrats tend to be women, colored people, and LGBT people. Will Middle America actually be smart enough to look beyond labels, and vote for these people?

    • Middle America will vote for whoever has America’s native population’s best interests in mind.

      In other words, if you’re too open and for business above all (Neo Liberalism), which both the GOP and the DNC are, no one will like you.

    • I think if someone ist able to pay their hospital bill or just lost their job or has PTSD or anything they will look past their bias and prejudice and even overcome it just to help themselves, Bernie Sanders was born Jewish and he was loved all across the board.
      Good policies and principals out-way anything and people will vote for someone who fixes their problem

    • Yeah, fact is is white “middle Americans” voted Obama in twice. So no I don’t think race is a factor really. The REAL question is are they smart enough to realise that progressivism is the way to go? And is it possible for people who run on such ideas to win the Democratic nomination? Because to do that you have to overcome massive odds that are stacked against you with the fucking joke of a superdelegate system as Bernie found out.

  4. Host: the free market is the most efficient market
    Ro Khanna: in this case it’s not, here are some facts
    Host: thank you for being here, the free market is still the most efficient market

    i mean wtf, it’s like she’s paid by how many Koch brothers talking points she can jam into a clip

    • The free market does not and never did exist. In capitalism since its inception corporations reduce competition in order to gain monopoly status and make maximum profits by reducing choice. This is what the definition of unregulated capitalism leads too all through out history. FDR attempted to save capitalism by putting regulations in place to maintain fairness and capitalists have been dismantling it since the day he died. We are now in an oligarchy which is a complete corporate coup that is completely the antithesis of democracy.

    • Basil Peterson yes we are but that doesn’t mean fdr didn’t succeed time has a way of changing politics and increasing corruption that’s the natural way of things you shouldn’t have ever expected fdrs policy’s to exist forever it’s not a endictment on social democracy and it certainly isn’t support for pure socialism as you are alluding to

  5. Prescriptions in the UK cost just under £9 for anything….. The rest of the cost of the medication is borne by the health system we pay our taxes towards.

    Who knew a Fox News anchor would misrepresent a situation

    • Basileus Anthropos
      I don’t think its that they don’t understand. It’s a deliberate misrepresentation to make a partisan point.

    • Susan Weber Same in Sweden ^^ We cool people should stand around and point and laugh at America, then maybe they’ll join our gang.

    • SeKara1974 and, seriously… that’s her concern about single payer… the UK doesn’t even have drug coverage….? you’re people don’t have health coverage?! What’s the lesser?

    • as an american, beleive me…alot of us actually know its just that we tend to get drowned about the sheer volume of the Stupid broadcast daily over the airwaves

      which is why were trying to fight for it by trying to get politicians in position to take the lead, to give our voice a platform, Bernie i hope will run again in 2020 but time will tell, but if he does, ill be right there with him all over again and no matter how many conservative or democratic cucks tell me otherwise, i have ZERO shame

    • J.J. NOX seriously this fox host need to be fired. she didnt execute the game plan. whenever you get owned on fox you’re suppose to bring up Bengahzi, hillarys emails obama raising the debt obamacare rising premiums etc. She sucks at her job.

    • I don’t know how you’d quantify the phenetic quotient between “tr-” and “m-“, but he was off by a factor of that.

    • The best part is he immediately follows that up with “so what you’ve heard is incorrect, and that’s incredibly misleading”

      Kind of poetic, he tells you he’s lying/misleading you hahaha

      (not intentionally, i know he mispoke)

    • he did that with the number of people who die from poor healthcare too at first he said 45 million people a year then changed it to 45,000 a year.

  6. I am from the UK and am living in the USA. I find these non-single payment arguments laughable. Of course it’s possible….and yes, it’s better. I have asthma, never once knew what my inhalers cost. I move to America and didn’t have a job at first, called the pharmacy “that inhaler is $310″….WTF America wake up! You are being ripped off and lied to.

    • Tylr the system you describe sounds like anarchy. That whole “Every man for himself” philosophy does not work in reality.

    • ally dawes…well, since you said it doesn’t work, I suppose it must be so…oh how I have wasted my life arguing with people when I could have just told them ‘it doesn’t work in reality’…

  7. “I want insurance to be more expensive and have CEO’s make bank. Ro is ruining the American dream for everyone!”
    -Global Warming Idiot.

    • KeKway Blaze, Bernie is a communist. He supports communist ideas and communist leaders. That is why he lost. People can see right through his bullshit.

    • bernie is actually center right for the rest of the worlds standards.
      Edit: Correction: rest of the developed world. You have to remember the developed world already has all of the things he advocates for, and he’s still fairly pro war and toes the line a bit too much to be center left.

  8. “Prescriptions in the UK aren’t covered”…

    1. They ARE covered for the poorest in society.
    2. For the rest it costs a whopping £8.50 per prescription. That’s 11 dollars.

  9. Just because every other developed nation on the planet has universal healthcare and just because they pay less than us and get better results with longer life expectancy doesn’t mean it can work here, it doesn’t fit with the free market lies we have been sold since birth and which right wing hosts are paid to keep selling.
    She let her audience down by not confusing the issue with socialism and communism and blaming obama and clinton. You fucked up the basic right wing strategy of deflect and distract and say lies so often people will believe them. You failed to lie often enough fox host, whoever you are, your own base is starting to figure out they don’t like trumpcare either.
    You’re supposed to herd them towards what’s most profitable for your owners and masters. You failed. You needed to start blabbering about freedom and moochers and takers and personal responsibility. You know what you also forgot? Blame black people. You could have talked about how if their healthcare were free they would just shoot eachother more and we’d be paying to fix them up and commit more crimes. You are always supposed to blame minorities, throw them under the bus, are you going soft?

    • jim bob “free market lies”. Nah, the free market is still the best system, it’s just figuring out what shouldn’t fall into that bracket for the benefit of the overall country. The big ones are police, fire department and healthcare. The rest of the western world figured this out decades ago but the USA never got to the healthcare part as too many politicians are paid off by insurance companies raking it in for doing literally nothing except stealing from the tax payer.

    • The Sad Punk, 70% of fire firefighters are volunteer. Police and fire departments are ran locally. Please stop comparing this healthcare situation to police and fire departments.

  10. I am now confident that if Ro Khanna loses his next election then it’s time to worry that we are screwed for quite some time. He is obviously educated and believes what he is saying. His arguments are strong and to the point, they can’t really be argued. We need more people like this in all areas of our government. Justice Democrats for the win.

  11. I’m so happy that Mr Ro Khanna is my representative for California. We need a lot more people like him.

  12. Idiotic porn star Fox news host: “Prescriptions aren’t covered in the Uk”
    I live in the Uk and my scripts are all free.I go to the doctors get a prescription,go to the pharmacy and get my script free.
    She talks complete shite.

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