Jordan-Emma-Andrew: Time For Medicare For All Litmus Test?

TYT Politics Reporters Jordan Chariton ( ), Emma Vigeland ( ), and Andrew Jones ( ) discussed the recent momentum around Medicare for All, and whether it should be a litmus test in elections between progressive candidates and establishment Democrats.

Full hour-long Jordan/Emma/Andrew "Turks Trifecta":

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Jordan-Emma-Andrew: Time For Medicare For All Litmus Test?

24 thoughts on “Jordan-Emma-Andrew: Time For Medicare For All Litmus Test?

  1. The corrupt politicians are busy protecting the profits of the Insurance Industry. Single payer works in every civilized country in the world.

  2. No fucking litmus tests….that’s how we got to Trump….look at the candidates and decide who is best on a broad scope of issues you care about.

  3. but.. so fat.. gross. Can’t get behind this until he loses twenty pounds.. 🙁 sad
    (kidding, hope y’all get a show)

    • What a god awful article, and it’s so dated. Bernie didn’t want to risk splitting more of the base than had already been split, in hopes that we would still have a Democratic president, he was pragmatic. He’s been the same politician for 30 years, and you really think he didn’t attack Hillary because he’s “controlled opposition”? He just didn’t want Trump to be president, and causing a big stir even though he knew he was shafted by Hillary would have still guaranteed a Trump victory.

      Why don’t you find some actual arguments instead of going off your feelings.

  4. You say you are NOT neoliberal? BULLSHIAT! …you support mass immigration, which is the essence of modern neoliberalism

  5. I can’t sit an listen with low quality audio. I want to hear what you have to say, but it sucks when your mic is low quality. The one thing to invest in is a mic. IMO What you are saying is awesome, listening to it sucks. Get a good mic.

  6. Hrm, sry but I don’t like the new black guy. I can’t stand the voice. Jordan+Emma format is great though.

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