Joe Walsh: US Can’t Have Medicare For All Because Of ‘Diversity’ & ‘Inner Cities’

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Joe Walsh: US Can't Have Medicare For All Because Of 'Diversity' & 'Inner Cities'

83 thoughts on “Joe Walsh: US Can’t Have Medicare For All Because Of ‘Diversity’ & ‘Inner Cities’

  1. I wonder if Europe is watching us every day and just laughing at how stupid we are or in awe of how monstrous we are for thinking healthcare should be rationed based on income.

    • ethan intellekt Even if we might pay higher taxes (which I doubt), we do get a lot of benefits like healthcare, education (almost free university), functional infrastructure like roads, bridges, railways, hospitals, schools (although some federal states have some problems to keep up their schools properly)

    • S J. Since Ronald Reagan gutted the education system in the 1980s and Bible-based homeschooling and other nonsense prevented a whole generation from learning facts and critical thinking, it’s no surprise that a large portion of the population is incapable of logical thinking and reasoning. If you don’t learn anything, you have to believe what others tell you. The US population needs to catch up on fact-based education very fast.

    • +Ralf Oltmanns
      Ronald Regans best friend, Margarethe Thatcher, gutted the British education system at the exact same time but you didnt see the Brits turning to bibles and right wing extremism for consolidation. There is more than that which has gone wrong in the US. But yeah. The US education system is insanely poor and the intellect of americans is shockingly low.

    • Ralf Oltmanns This hits the nail square on the head! 100% the United States has become ground zero for stupidity, then those same stupid ppl claim murka is the best! yeah ok, the best at what? imprisonment, death rates, obesity, climate change denial, income inequality, the list cld go on & on! Conservatives will be the death of this country! #justicedems #TheFuture

    • Frankish Empire Your point? No matter what the laws are tailored so you have the right to a gun as fast and easy as possible compared to other modern nations. You should have just as much right to getting healthcare. It’s not fucking free it would be paid for with taxes so that no matter what it’s not a big deal as long as you’re a citizen.

    • My point is that you can`t compare both. Do you buy your guns with gun-care?
      You can go to the hospital and get you treatment as fast as a gun, if you pay for it….

    • +The Gentlemen Network
      Guns are also a privilige… Not a right… But americans dont understand the difference. Point your gun at people in public and you will soon see the police at your door confiscating all your guns. Hence they are a privilige and not some GOD GIVEN, INALIENABLE RIGHT. ENDOWED BY GOD, as these uneducated, bewildered fools think. Yes to these people… The belief that god gives them guns, is perfectly legit.

    • +dodopoopinpoop
      America dropped over 23 000 bombs on foreign countries last year. Funny how Ive never seen any talk of who pays for that. Or the cost of war. But healthcare is “never free” and ooh so difficult for americans to fully understand. Its hard to understand things when youre trying your best not to understand. EXACTLY like evolution and climate changes. Its about understanding the “right” thing. The american way.

      And when we see it the american way, we must see that sooooocialism is anti-american and evil. But spending a trillion on war, thats patriotism and entirely good. Americans are just too uneducated, too right wing extreme and too america-dumb to see how backwards they stand compared to other nations.

    • +lord caelvanir, i caught that too, i’m surprised kyle didn’t notice that one. one of those small countries with 1.25 billion people lol

    • That’s it right there…. What he really means is that white people will go broke funding healthcare for black and brown people.

    • Terri Bel Bliss I hope he apologizes for this interview. He has no idea how racist he sounds….he’s basically saying we can’t have it because our country has colored people and they are the problem…

  2. We always call ourselves the Greatest Country in the World, yet we are not allowed to compare ourselves to the rest of the world’s standard.

    That is called hypocrisy.

    • The Gentlemen Network Blaze_007 I adore your post. I agree with everything you’ve said here. Thank you for taking the time, to say what needs to be said.

    • Mr Pink is libertarian meaning he claims to embrace liberty and civil rights but would back a guy like Pinochet at the drop of a hat if he came to power and imposed privatization of everything.

    • Do you ever criticize a Republican? Seriously, you’ve become so team red that it just makes you look ridiculous. You’re defending a but black people argument because a Republican said it.

  3. Joe Walsh is a deadbeat dad, and a drug addict.
    He’s everything he accuses “the left” of
    Typical right-winger

    • ” inner-city=black people”
      And crime and no family values and they’d say they’re all murders and rapists, and takers and moochers and deadbeats and drug addicts and leftists and democrats (and they assume some are good people).

      They want a certain segment of society to die down, to be reduced in numbers.

    • Has it ever occurred to these assholes to you know, maybe just maybe go into the minority areas and actually get to know some of these people and actually see that many of them want jobs and a good life like pretty much the average white person?

  4. On the other hand, it is nice to see a reporter on a mainstream media outlet explicitly show proof that our so called market-based healthcare system is a disaster. And to actually say that universal healthcare is the right choice.

    • He grew up in Canada, he’s father was the first Indian in the Ontario parliament. He knows the system well as both a Canadian citizen and a Businessman. If he fired he’s doesn’t have to worry about employment, due to skills/qualifications outside journalism. It’s kind of hard to use leverage against him, since can just jump occupations or even countries.

    • Andrea Kae – that was my first thought when watching the video – Walsh is a moron and you can rant about him all day long, but the real news is IMHO – those facts, that universal healthcare is cheaper and better are now discussed in the MSM and not only on youtube channels. They should confront every single politician ( democrats and republicans ) who is against universal healthcare with those numbers and ask them about it. Some of them may realize then, that they can not defend any longer their opposition to universal healthcare.

  5. No wonder this guy is a FORMER representative. Thank the flying spaghetti monster I live north of the border.

    • I love how people keep assuming that you can go to jail for saying things against muslims. That’s not what that fucking bill was. I read the damn thing. It was “Hey, here’s more resources for investigating hate groups, which are on the rise. We’re against all forms of bigotry, including islamophobia, which we’re calling out by name because recently there’s been this rash of attacks against innocent muslims, like that quebec mosque shooting”

      And then, of course, the Right takes that and turns it into “If you say anything bad about islam you go to jail, we have no free speech because lefty snowflakes aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, how dare they not protect white people, they’re trying to genocide us culturally!!!”

    • Sickofwashington, where did you get that absurd idea from? Just curious? Because Muhammad was a pedophile and I am Canadian. Guess what? No one is going to come knocking at my door for stating that fact.

      You’re just a typical ignorant right-wing American. Spouting off your asinine bullshit you clowns pull out of your asses.

    • Why do Americans think that they are the last bastion of free speech? Protest by fringe social groups does not equal suppression of free speech. The government institutions in Canada do not suppress this basic right.

  6. America is dead last on health care, yet Americans think they live in the best country in the world.

    • Never mind that all those countries in the list alternate places constantly. The improvements over one another are marginal.

      Never mind that America is not dead last in the world.

      Never mind that these are globalist studies with their own agendas.

      Never mind that economies are overwhelmingly complicated systems that can’t be tracked with bullet points.

      Never mind that Chelsea Clinton wants to implement worldwide single payer. Her book flopped, fortunately and thankfully.

      Then yeah, you might think you’re not a flippant hysteric.

    • Levity Yes, “never mind” because that’s not so important/ this is not about the economy/ anybody who is not trying to intentionally misunderstand me can infer what I mean.

    • I never once in my life thought we were the greatest  I think probably 11th best country that sounds about right

    • MrBlackatheist I guess people like him believe folks would just keep getting cancer on purpose so they won’t have to work.

    • David Lazarus While I agree with you that London is one of the most diverse cities in the world I am having a bit of trouble believing the 270 nationalities part. There are only 195 countries in the world.

    • +whyamimrpink78
      You completely missed the point, I brought it up as a solution to states being too _diverse_. Following the Canadian example, the federal government would have a list of healthcare criteria, and every state that meets them will receive federal funding for its programme, how they do it is up to them. That’s how federalism works, and how the _American_ solution ought to work.

    • +13tuyuti
      “Nationality” is also a correct, albeit confusing, synonym of “ethnic group,” and because the UK census allows people to fill in their own ethnicity, it’s perfectly possible that they’ve recorded 270 different ethnic groups in London.

    • ethan intellekt That’s a really roundabout way of saying how racist White America has been for 400 plus years running

    • ethan intellekt
      Canada is more diverse than the US. The UK is as diverse, as is France (with Germany close behind). Cultural diversity isn’t an issue — greed and corrupt politicians is.

    • boggisthecat Those countries passed universal health care before it became diverse or as diverse as it is today.

    • No, it is an issue. And it is not just cultural diversity but also racial.
      Now you got those backwards “diverse” communities with tribal instincts. You think they vote for the good of the host-country?
      Belgium, France, Britain, Germany, Sweden…. They all show what diversity really means

  7. The Germans have had the oldest government funded health care for over a 100 years and it was created by a conservative government led by the Kaiser in 1893!

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