Joe Manchin Refuses To Support Medicare For All

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Joe Manchin Refuses To Support Medicare For All

63 thoughts on “Joe Manchin Refuses To Support Medicare For All

    • Syrup Forever Agreed. TYT definitely does some good work, but they discredit themselves by fully buying in to the SJW nonsense, including Cenk’s Islam apologetics. I still shudder at that Harris interview.

    • Vangaiden Yamazaki No president but more like press director or I don’t know how it’s called, the president should be Bernie

    • But the country is changing. Gay marriage and marijuana legalization weren’t even part of the discussion 20 years ago. Fewer and fewer Americans identify with any religion.

    • @Mprator So you rather have another scumbag politican equally as bad as Joe then someone who actually cares about the people and the issues?

      So you are proud of what you just said? You honestly have no idea how fucking stupid you look. Justice Democrats is an opportunity to vote for something better, But you rather say “No Thanks i enjoy the status quo and i love having politicans that screw me in favor of their rich buddies”.

    • +Protemp Exactly right. This is the thing the average instigator on the internet doesn’t understand. Shouting and name-calling is a dead end, while letting a person with rotten beliefs dig their own grave by simply being themselves is the most effective offense.

    • KingToll Asking the senator “so why are you a democrat?” in the first few minutes of the interview is as aggressive as it gets! NOBODY asks blue-dog democrats that question!

    • slashandbones13 It’s not a waste of time at all. It serves a substantive purpose, which is to let Manchin expose himself as the scumbag he is. If anything, it’s Joe Manchin that’s the waste of time, doing bullshit gymnastics to dodge straight questions.

  1. Doesn’t he understand that people won’t have to pay for health insurance anymore? Yeah there will be taxes, but not on top of already paying for an insurance plan. Plus people wouldn’t have to pay so much out of pocket. Since he is in congress, shouldn’t he know that? Yikes.

    • No, he _does_ know that. He’s lying through his teeth to protect his donors.

      He is a brazen and desperate liar

    • Paula Jean Swearengin is going to kick his arse and then rip him a new one that she will gift wrap and tie a pretty bow on it so the good people of west Virginia can hand it to him with his notice of dismissal..

  2. Ok strike three Joe scumbag is out. Kyle is right medicare for all is not negotible. From now on any politcan that wants my vote has to be for medicare for all this is non-negotible to me.

    • @tim211292

      @Sean Rahman
      I am a centrist on a Bernie Bro channel, of course it’s going to be mostly negative.

      @Interdimensional Steve
      Most independents voted for Trump last election. Look at exit polls for yourself.

      “…democrats are losing.” That’s all we need to know. You can make all of the excuses you want, but in reality you guys ran your own voters off with your dumb policies and more and more people are tired of them. Yeah, large cities vote for Democrats, but large cities are also seeing population stagnation or decreases. Look at Detroit, pretty much the liberal capital of the United States, with a population about 30% of what it was 60 years ago. Chicago, Philly, and Cleveland have also lost people. What has this led to? Those cities can no longer carry those states and Michigan has essentially turned red, probably permanently. Ohio has turned red, also likely to be a red leaner permanently (though the huge independent population there might save Democrats from totally losing it for all time). Missouri is completely gone, and that used to always be a battleground. PA has turned the corner, and given current trends, that’s probably going to be permanently red.

      You guys are blowing yourselves out. You can whine about free college, healthcare, and taxing the rich all you want, but in reality the country is not buying what you are selling any longer. Again, you can find a tiny crowd of 50 people who believe in anything you want. Those people were not Trump supporters who clapped for Bernie. They came to see a socialist. Again, I can go to Vermont and find 50 Trump supporters there as well, means nothing.

    • Global Warming Skeptic That’s because no one was selling it in the first place you Fucking moron before 2016 name me one politican that was fighting for free college, universal Healthcare, and higher than taxes on the rich (which makes sense in a sane world) Name me one Democratic Politican who before 2016 ran on that. I’ll be waiting

    • Global Warming Skeptic Yes Demcrats are losing but they are only losing because they are being a bunch of corporate sellout moderate Republicans just look a Joe Manchin no different than a Fucking Republitard. So when you don’t give people the choice of an actual liberal an actual progressive then they won’t vote Democrat that is my point and somehow you keep fucking dodging it because you know I’m right.

    • Their hearts are in the right places, they’re correct more often than not, and they have the biggest platform to spread their message. They certainly aren’t a joke and the real progressives would be hurt if they were gone

    • ethan philpot While I agree that TYT has their heart in the right places, you can argue that almost everyone thinks they have their hearts in the right places. Also I argue Progressives would benefit if TYT was gone. TYT has been on record saying that they believe in the Russian Scandal. They downgraded the Antifa riots just so they can fit an Agenda.

  3. *”Who do you think you’re fooling…”*

    He thinks he’s fooling the same fools that think Hillary Clinton was a good candidate that lost because of Misogyny, Comey, Aliens, etc. A lot of voters are idiots Kyle. You know this.

  4. The US (wealthiest country the world has ever seen) has 45,000 of it’s own citizens die every year due to lack of healthcare. Let me do some real quick math for all of you, that is *15 9/11’s* every year, due to lack of healthcare. One 9/11 and the US went to war with 2 countries (as well as other conflicts in the war on terror), threw away $6 Trillion on these conflicts, and we still refuse single payer and allow 45,000 of our own neighbors to die. The US needs to burn already.

  5. I wish Kyle had been interviewing Manchin instead of Cenk – he didn’t raise ANY of these overt issues with Joe’s bullshit.

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