Jill Stein Medicare Commercial

Great commercial that talks about providing a single payer healthcare system that America desperately needs. Vote Jill Stein 2016

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13 thoughts on “Jill Stein Medicare Commercial

  1. Dr. Stein, I love this idea, but who will pay for this? I am a small
    business owner. I cannot afford more taxes. What is your solution? Keep up
    the fight!

    • It’s actually $75,000 per person (my mistake) and Jill, of course, opposes
      the wars, preferring to starve the terrorists (by cutting off aid to Saudi
      Arabia and others) then bomb them.

    • I think if there is Medicare for All, you then won’t have to pay for part
      of your employees’ health care. Also, taking insurance companies out of the
      equation, health care cost will go down by a lot (imagine billions of
      profit made each year by insurance companies). The savings made will then
      offset the tax for covering medicare for all, probably surpass it.

    • We currently do not pay for our employees’ health care. Also, taking
      insurance companies “out of the equation” will put a lot of people out of
      work. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a large employer in our area. We have a
      childcare center. What happens to us when people lose their jobs? I know
      “medicare for all” seems like a good idea, and it might be, but there needs
      to be a transition to have all the people out of work due to the closing of
      insurance companies rehired by the government. Does the US have enough
      money to hire a bunch of people to oversee “medicare for all?” Currently we
      have a $19 trillion dollar debt! I really love Jill’s energy and
      intelligence. I just want the discussion to revolve around real solutions
      that doesn’t put people – and my childcare center! – out of business.
      Thanks so much. I’m still pulling for her!

    • I was thinking about that maybe you don’t have to pay for employees’ health
      care and the job lose issue. Here is what I think:

      As a small business owner, one of your biggest challenges is to compete
      with the big corporations for business. And they are providing health care
      for their employees. Not providing health care for your employees, in the
      long term, will not help you retain the talented ones. In the long run,
      your competitiveness is going to cut short. You are also probably not going
      to pay them more than the big corporations. Your employees have to earn
      less and pay in full their own health insurance, and insurance for the
      family which can amount up to a lot. How are your employees going to
      survive? And how is your company going to keep up?

      The key problem with health care is that its cost is insanely high. I am
      sure you have heard how good health insurance is in European countries but
      you may think, heck! their tax is high! Well, yes, their tax is higher. But
      I am pretty sure the health care costs we are paying here in the U.S.
      surpass the higher tax in other countries. I grew up in another country
      with, not universal, but way way lower health care cost for high quality
      medical services. A year ago, I was in between jobs and didn’t have
      insurance for a month. Happened to have UTI and I waited because I don’t
      want to pay a fortune, but didn’t work, had to go to CVS quick care. They
      dared to charge me $400 for UTI, that can be treated with three-day
      antibiotics prescribed by a NP. In my home country, I pay $30 for UTI, no
      insurance needed.

      The insanely high health care costs come down to unlimited profits for
      insurance and drug companies. Ignore drug companies for a minute. Taking
      insurance out of the equation is the only solution. Yes, the insurance
      industry will collapse. Obviously you don’t do it overnight. But there
      could be a transition process where some insurance employees transition to
      working for Medicare for All. Again, if citizens don’t need to pay for
      insurance companies and pay for extra tax, the tax will cover for the cost
      of Medicare for All. Additionally, having one single “insurance company” –
      the government will save a lot of excess bureaucratic costs. And the
      government is not for-profits. They just need to pay the bill. If insurance
      CEOs can make billions from premiums a year. The healthcare tax will be
      adequate to pay for the bill. And yes, with increased efficiency, probably
      fewer employees are needed. So some insurance employees might need to find
      a new job. Jill Stein’s Green New Deal with have a job program that creates
      20 million jobs for green energy industry and those employees have a place
      to go. And even not, I mean, if you believe in free market, no employee is
      ever guaranteed a lifelong job. Everyone has to adapt to changes in the
      economic system. Morally speaking, an industry that makes profits at the
      expense of sick and dying people is not an industry we want to sustain.
      There are many other industries we can develop and invest that do not harm
      people and the environment.

      Childcare center – not exactly sure if I understand. I thought you were a
      small business owner, but you also work in BCBS and use their childcare
      center? There are many options for your childcare. Don’t get me wrong. I
      know childcare cost is insanely high. And this is exactly reflecting how
      this current economic system is not working for anyone except big
      corporations. And we middle class are so deprived that we have to be
      dependent on big big companies to provide childcare, but can’t afford it
      with our salaries, and small business cannot provide childcare. If we do
      not challenge the system, we do not take risks, we do not think of
      innovative solutions that work for all, we will grow to be more and more
      dependent, and pretty much enslaved by the wealthy class. There is a coop
      childcare in my community. People work there a couple days a week in return
      for community childcare. I don’t know exactly how it works. But I think
      people have started to think of solutions to address these problems.

      All I said may not address the specific challenges you face, because
      obviously I don’t know exactly what you are experiencing. But my main point
      is that we need to be creative and open-minded to consider a new economic
      system that work for all. And medicare for all is definitely a workable
      system that has been demonstrated in many countries. The government has
      been paying for a lot of things they choose to, like unnecessary wars. We
      need a leader who knows where to put money and resources in.

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