17 thoughts on “Jeb Bush: We Need to “Phase Out” Medicare

  1. Same swindle his brother tried pulling years ago with Social Security.

    This guy combines his brother’s intelligence with Mitt Romney’s common man touch. Yikes!

  2. A successful program that pays for itself and saves our mothers, fathers, and grandparents from poverty and ill health is under attack again by the Bush family…all of whom are born super rich, not understanding what it’s like to have a job.   Shameful behavior on their part.

  3. how about this,lets start taking your money away before you start taking ours.Monthly expense accounts,paid health insurance,1 term retirement for life benefits,the government issued cars that you also get free insurance,gas and service on,the free exotic family vacations.How about we start there… then we can move on to all the fraud.i swear it would only take about a year of taking your money,which is actually our money, away that we would see significant debt reduction in the second year.

  4. Here’s this lefty’s answer, tax the rich, to cover medicare for seniors, who worked all their dam lives, to help make rich people 300 times richer than the average American.

  5. I guarantee that this is a losing argument. There is no way voters, elderly or otherwise, will support this. Many middle age people may not be on medicare but their elderly family members probably are, so ummm you want a way to lose quickly, keep talking about ending medicare.

  6. Jeb Bush is woefully ignorant of the needs of Medicare recipients, of all ages. The reason why so many stand in staunch support of the current Medicare system is that seniors and other recipients are not being forced through the circus hoops Republican lawmakers seem to favor. The goal with that is, I’m assuming, to confuse the hell out of people, in hopes that they either give up or die off before they can receive the assistance they need. Voucher plans only work to successfully line the pockets of insurance companies, while further scaling back the quality of care sick people receive. I personally challenge each and every member of Congress who are so gung ho to drop Medicare all together, to get off their full coverage medical insurance — their families, too,and openly commit to living on a regular person’s wage for one year. During that year, figure out how to make ends meet when you factor in the rising costs of medical expenses. It’s easy to say things should be done away with when you yourselves don’t need them. That is my same challenge when Republican hopefuls are so cavalier about throwing around dropping Medicare, or Affordable Health Care or bumping up minimum wage. Experience life as average people before you decide you know what’s best.

  7. Wait, so What Jeb proposes is to replace Medicare where my medical bills are fully paid for and instead go for coupons from the government and whatever is left I have to pay out of pocket.

    Vouchers are nothing more than coupons. After using those government coupons we have to pay the remaining balance from our own pockets. This is evil propaganda. This is another Bush scam so don’t be fooled.

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