Is Medicare Advantage Dead?

Carl McDonald of Oppenheimer and Carl Mercurio of Corporate Research Group discuss the prospects for Medicare Advantage under Obama's newly proposed budget. From the Nasdaq Market Site in New York.

14 thoughts on “Is Medicare Advantage Dead?

  1. @Jsd8675 I am an insurance agent and have represented MA, MAPD and SUPP
    Plans for every major company for many years….and evidently you are a

  2. – i have medicare blue cross advantgage medical only and had a major
    operation & was only susposed to be in the hosp 6 to 7 days but was
    actually in for 16 days i only had to pay $350 total & my very good
    advantage plan paid the rest – now on just regular medicare i would have
    had to pay at least 20% on one big whopping bill which my basic math tells
    me it sure would have been a LOT more than $350.00

  3. Mr. Idiot If you are on a medicare advantage plan medicare pays ZERO on the
    PLACE OF MEDICARE!!!! What you are talking about is a medicare SUPPLEMENT.
    You need to learn the difference.

  4. Well evidently you are a moron and if the shoe fits… Any MA standardized
    or not….Pays the 20% medicare does not pay less its associiated
    deductible. ie., 100,000.00 Bill Medicare pays 80,000.00 and all MA’s are
    required to pay, less the annual deductible, 20% of that cost. You need to
    read the existing federal law pertaining to Medicare Part C and stop
    posting inaccurate information….

  5. You need to double check your information, MA’s are not standardized
    therefore like I explained above they are only required to provide at least
    the same coverage as original medicare. Thinking that all Med Advantage
    plans would pay more than medicare doesn’t make sense. You truly show your
    intelligence with the moron comment.

  6. So your an insurance agent….did you listen to the section in your class
    where Med Advantage Plans pay the 20% Chemo Bill that Original Medicare
    does not Pay. You sir are a MORON

  7. I am a licensed Insurance Agent, Damis is right, seniors think they are
    getting a better coverage then original medicare (part A & B) but they
    aren’t. The only requirement that a medicare advantage (MA) has to meet is
    it is required to provide at least the same coverage as original medicare.
    Sure they will throw in prescriptions, eye & dental coverage but when you
    have $200,000 in chemo bills from cancer treatment that the MA doesn’t
    cover alot of good that will do you.

  8. Medicare “Advantage Health Plan” is a program that needs to die. This is a
    rip-off for seniors and has nothing to do with their Medicare. The
    Advantage Health Plan is a private insurer that has made big bucks
    hijacking seniors over to their plan–unbeknownst to them, of course,
    thanks to a slick advertising campaign.

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