26 thoughts on “Introducing Medicare for All

    • Carol L. Yeah I totally agree and hoping for Bernie 2020! also. It seems Bernie is the only one rallying and standing up for the American people. I did not realize that it was such an oligarchy until Bernie 2016. It’s really sad that a few greedy people want to run the whole country because they think their entitled too.

    • Hey, you need to pay for me a new house the wind blew mine over, so now you can buy me a new fucking house. and if the wind comes next year and blows that one over you will pay for me a new house next year too. I am not a socialist but i need a new fucking house i live in Texas. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP…

    • PaleGhost69 I never get that argument because if you have insurance you are already paying for other people’s healthcare, because that’s how healthcare works, a lot of people buy into a plan and when someone gets sick it gets paid for buy that so just logically the more people who buy into a healthcare market the cheaper it is Medicare for all just makes sense.

    • You’re describing how insurance works. It’s call risk pooling. Medicare for all is still insurance, it’s just mandatory insurance for all, and funding via the taxation system. Hopefully you got flood insurance, then you can ask all the the other people who have insurance policies with your insurer to pay for your new house. If you didn’t get the correct insurance, then you’re making a very good point for why patchy insurance coverage is not a good think – i.e the health insurance model US residents have to live with now.

    • cameron whitton No, the difference between Medicare for all and typical insurance is that nearly 100% of the funds will go to the insurance itself, not towards that new private jet the insurance ceo wanted.

  1. Every country that has universal healthcare spends significantly less per capita on their healthcare system than we do. We can save trillions of dollars in the long run by having a medicare for all system. We can also get rid of the employer mandate that is strangling small business growth.

  2. Well said, Senator. I have long believed that if America were ever to implement a true single-payer health care system, it would be THE BEST IN THE WORLD. It would be a system everyone could be proud of, and at only a fraction of the cost of current military expenditures.

  3. 15 co-sponsors for a bill which will mean you don’t have to go bankrupt when you take ill. This gives us all some idea of the kind of people Bernie has to deal with in the senate: Medicare for all single payer should and must be the Democrats position as we move into the mid-term elections and then onto the next General Election.

  4. Boy do I wish you didn’t get screwed out of being our commander in chief.. But I am SO HAPPY you are not turning over and saying “I’m defeated”. I know you’ve been fighting since you were a kid, and it makes me sick you weren’t elected. I love ya Bernie, you and Michael Moore are the two BIGGEST patriots we have, and WE THE PEOPLE would be lost without you!

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