Insurance Marketing Ideas for Selling Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Deductibles, Copayments, Limitations and Exclusions

Here's the problem . . .

Medicare doesn't cover all of our health care expenses. And what it doesn't cover can cost us hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year, even if we don't have any major health care issues.

Because we are still responsible for Medicare deductibles and Medicare co-payments in addition to fees or charges by doctors and hospitals that exceed the "standard" Medicare allowances, as well as benefit limitations…

So how can we get coverage to pay for these healthcare expenses?

With Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare "Part C".

Medicare Advantage is private health insurance sanctioned by Medicare to provide all of your Medicare coverage for both hospital
and medical benefits, plus some provisions that Medicare doesn't cover.

But with a Medicare Advantage plan you can also get lower
deductibles or co-payments…

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