Humana Gold Choice Medicare Advantage – Should You Enroll?

Humana Gold Choice Medicare Advantage Plan… what it is, how it works and what makes it different from other Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Humana Gold choice is one of several Medicare advantage Plans offered by Humana.

The also offer:

Humana Gold Plus
Humana Choice
Humana Reader's Digest Healthy Living Plan

But Humana Gold Choice is different. Unlike the other Humana Medicare Plans, Gold Choice is a Private Fee-for-Service plan. A PFFS plan allows you to choose any provider that will accept the plan's terms and conditions. You are not required to use a provider network.

Although the Humana provider network for Medicare Advantage Plans is fairly comprehensive, you may want the freedom to choose your own provider. With Humana Gold Choice, you are able to do just that.

But freedom comes with a price. Providers can accept a PFFS plan on a visit by visit basis, which could leave you searching for a new provider. The Gold Choice plan also has the highest premium of all Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.

If you want the freedom to choose, but are uncertain about the costs, you may want to consider a Humana Medicare supplement as an alternative to Humana Gold Choice.

One thought on “Humana Gold Choice Medicare Advantage – Should You Enroll?

  1. I will not be considering Humana Medicare Advantage as I am turning 65 in 2016 because Humana us a sponsor on CNN. I do not support news networks that provide false information as news. CNN has continued to report false information on the incident at Standing Rock on Nov 21, 2016. I will not support anyone that advertises on CNN or HLN either. You are welcome to contact me when you have ceased advertising on the CNN network.

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