Howard Schultz Walks Back Medicare For All Comments

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Howard Schultz is very busy walking back his latest comments on Medicare for all. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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"Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz walked back his denunciation of Medicare for all Tuesday night, downgrading his insult from “un-American” to “unaffordable.”

“It’s not that it’s not American,” Schultz told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “It’s unaffordable.”

“What I believe is that every American has the right to affordable health care as a statement,” he added.

Schultz giveth, Schultz taketh away. To replace Medicare for all, he labeled a new thing un-American during the interview: that Dreamers don’t have a pathway to citizenship."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Howard Schultz Walks Back Medicare For All Comments

42 thoughts on “Howard Schultz Walks Back Medicare For All Comments

  1. The country has spoken, support for Medicare for all is almost at consensus levels. Sorry conservatives its all but inevitable at this point.

    • +Mark Broadhurst i tried to find these super low polls that you talk about, i cant. I think you might be citing those push polls done by fox news and other right wing outlets. If you ask people loaded questions like “do you support an unconstitutional government takeover of your healthcare?” you will certainly get a negative response. When you ask them straight non-leading questions like “would you support single payer healthcare?” Those polls get between 60 and 70 percent. Why do you right wingers have to play word games? Can’t we just have an honest conversation?

    • 56.8 million Americans already have a Single-Payer / Beveridge healthcare system with Medicare and VA . Both have been scaled up numerous times since inception . It’s not that difficult to scale up again to provide comprehensive coverage at much reduced costs and better outcomes .

    • Mark Broadhurst     …….    Now, that’s pure bullshit . Even the most virulent Republican recidivists know not to attack Medicare directly because of its overwhelming popularity; even with Republicans at 65% . Why they use code language like ‘reform’, or ‘improving’, …never abolishing .

    • Mark B .    ……..    Wrong again . Popular support for the VA is around 90% . Most DO want more funding, in particular for more mental health services, at around 75% . Not ‘hate’ . Americans, especially vets, like the VA, but think it could be better if MORE comprehensive …the opposite of your argument .

  2. Unless u support single payer health care , energy reform , justice reform , legalization of marijuana on every level , eliminating corruption at every level , and a universal income , u don’t get my vote

    • +Jonny B It’s already proven through studies that if you give people a UBI the vast majority of those people, 98%, will reinvenst that $ to help improve their lives so they can make more $.

    • Jonny B ubi will destroy workforce and competition. Why should anyone work if rich people are going to pay our bills lmao . We could just stay home collect and sell dope. Me and gf will have a bunch of kids. Dont worry you got us on free healthcare , free college, ubi , what else you can get me Free? Housing food

  3. Health insurance companies should be abolished. How ridiculous is it that a service is so overpriced that you have to pay someone else to pay your bills. Everyone needs or will need healthcare, it’s not a matter of insurance. They’re predatory and unnecessary.

  4. Bernie- the time has come to end corruption in politics and give people the health care that they need funded by our tax dollars.

    Warren- we need to end corruption in Wall Street and make sure we hold bankers accountable and prosecute them for being criminals.

    Schultz- I don’t want to pay taxes.

    • Colony Three the one percent of the one percent lmao you can trust me im Bernie the only life long government worker who wont screw you. I can afford everything i promised dont worry just give me a couple trillion more out of your economy feel the bern

    • The government can easily afford medicare for all and free college. When something is a priority (like wars to enrich defense contractors), they always find the money for it.

  5. *Starbucks is avoiding taxes in Europe!*
    Anyone a little bit familiar with this case knows that Starbucks under Howard Schultz avoided millions in corporate taxes. His greenwashing tactics with his “corporate social responsibility” programs are just to distract people from Starbucks actual business policies.

  6. 1 million seconds is equal to 11 days
    1 billion seconds is equal to 32 years
    1 trillion seconds is equal to 32 thousand years
    Think about that and realize how much money these people have

  7. It just keeps piling on, day after day. They are robbing us AND the world! We need to stop them. They know the revolution is starting and they are going to steal as much as they can until they lose and hopefully, put in jail!

  8. I stayed a job far longer than I should have and stifled my career progression because I had great insurance. Then they laid me off and I had to scramble for a job that has terrible benefits. We. Need. Single. Payer. Healthcare!

  9. Schultz is trying to protect his fortune it’s as simple as that. Just another arrogant self-centered billionaire a******

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