How To Use The Medicare Website To Find Medicare Advantage And Medicare Part D Plans

How to use the Official Medicare website located at to find Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Plans in your area.

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When you visit the website you can search for Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part D Plans specific to your zip code.

To narrow your list of plans, enter your prescription drugs and their respective dosages. This will eliminate plans that do not include your prescriptions.

Once you enter your information, you will be able to view:

Medicare Drug Plans
Medicare Health Plans with Drug Coverage
Medicare Health Plans without Drug Coverage

Although there is a good amount of information on the Medicare website, there are pertinent pieces of information that will require you to visit individual plan websites.

These include:

Summary of Benefits
Provider Directory
Part D Formulary

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2 thoughts on “How To Use The Medicare Website To Find Medicare Advantage And Medicare Part D Plans

  1. After you have initiated the process to find health and drug plans, you
    will come to a page that prompts you to choose on of these 3 options: 1.
    Medicare drug plan (Part D) 2. Medicare health plan with drug coverage
    (Medicare Advantage MAPD) 3. Medicare health plan without drug coverage
    (Medicare Advantage MA) I hope that helps.

  2. Always like the way you present things in a simple format and keeping us up
    on the latest medicare information. How can you know when going to the site by the plan’s name or what’s covered to be sure you are
    looking at advantage plan types? All providers have their own fancy names
    so it can be confusing to know whether one is viewing a advantage,
    supplemental or other plans. perhaps i missed that there is a plan type
    definition somewhere on the site. Thanks, Al G.

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