4 thoughts on “How to Sign Up for Medicare 2019 – Sign Up for Medicare Part B Coverage in 2019

  1. I’ve had and be paying for the dental care on my Medicare Humana. I cannot find a dentist in the area that accepts Humana Medicare dental plan rider. It’s a waste. They sent me a provider’s list and it must be old because most dentist I called didn’t accept Humana Medicare, what do I do?

  2. I’m turning 65 in December this year, but I’m still working and have group coverage thru my job.  Do I need to actually sign up for Part A now or does it just happen automatically when I turn 65?  I understand that I won’t be signing up for Part B until I retire, but I’m a little confused about the Part A sign up requirements.  Please let me know.  Thanks for all your videos, they’re very, very helpful!  I’ve watched a few and will be watching a whole lot more.  Have a great day.

    • Hi Roger! Nothing you need to do. Part A starts automatically but won’t matter for you until you come off your group plan and start Part B.

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