How to Sell Medicare Supplements

How to sell Medicare Supplements, either in person or by phone.

Far too many agents are chasing the senior that is turning 65.
I advocate for a different approach.

Find the senior who already knows what they have, how it works, etc., but they've been abandoned by their "T65" agent for years. They have put up with the rate increases because they just do not know where to turn. That's where you come in.

As an independent agent, you can help this, our greatest generation, to save money on something they already know how to use. You don't need to educate them on how Medicare supplements work down at their doctor's office. They can tell you lots of stories about how great the program is. But they're paying too much.

Each time you ask them, "Where has your agent been for the last five years?"
They will say, "What agent?"

These agents are signing up seniors once, at 65 years old, never to be heard from again. That's a very stupid business model that makes agents look bad, as a whole.

We should be promising to follow up, and then actually following up each year, at least, at renewal time to again shop the market for them and constantly look out for our clients. They deserve nothing less.

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How to Sell Medicare Supplements

5 thoughts on “How to Sell Medicare Supplements

  1. Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I just recently joined our
    Medicare Supplement Sales team at in my office and your videos are great to
    watch! I havent started selling yet, still in the training phase, but I
    enjoyed getting another point of view and hearing a different voice on the
    topic. Cheers!

    • Awesome! This is a GREAT profession where we can really help our senior
      community! What a good feeling it is to help these folks every day!

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