How To Get Traffic to Your Medicare Videos – Proven Strategy!

If people are having a hard time finding your videos on their own.

Bring them to your videos!

I'll show you how!

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Want more people to see your videos? (Crowd cheering) Come on guys, you have to be louder than that! Do you want more video views? (Crowd cheers louder) Great then stick around because in this episode, we're going to talk about how we can bring viewers to your videos. Now many of you may already have videos on your Facebook page or YouTube channel but not getting amount of views that you want and this is because organic views are harder to come by. Organic views depends on viewers sharing the videos with their friends or finding the videos through Google or YouTube searches. This is harder to accomplish and takes longer because you're depending on the actions of others. So instead of waiting for viewers
to come, try bringing viewers to your videos instead. Lead to herd. (Cows crashing in the background.) Use Facebook ads and promotions to up your video views and in turn heighten the awareness
in your community. By doing this consistently over time, you'll hit your
goal. That concludes this episode, my name is Steven Coney of Steven Knows Marketing and I'm your Medicare marketer. Take care.

How To Get Traffic to Your Medicare Videos – Proven Strategy!

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