How to Enroll in Medicare Online

*** PLEASE READ — IMPORTANT UPDATE: The website has recently changed, and we now recommend going straight to to begin your application. At 1:53 in this video we pick up on that exact application process. Thanks for watching!
| (888) 465-9728 | If you are turning 65 and NOT collecting social security benefits, you will need to sign up for medicare during your initial enrollment period in order to avoid a penalty. One of the easiest ways to enroll in Medicare is to enroll online. You also have the options of calling social security (1-800-772-12130 or going down to your local social security office to enroll in Medicare.

If you want to sign up online, you can do so if:

• Are at least 64 years and 9 months old;
• Want to sign up for Medicare but do not currently have ANY Medicare coverage;
• Do not want to start receiving Social Security benefits at this time; and
• Are not currently receiving Social Security retirement, disability or survivors benefits.

If you fit these criteria you can go ahead and sign up for Medicare online up to 3 months before the month that you turn 65. If you sign up before your birth month, you Medicare effective date will be the first day of the month that you turn 65 (unless you are born on the 1st of the month in which case it will be the first day of the month prior).

If you delayed Part B because you were actively working and receiving health benefits through your job then you will need to go down to your social security office to enroll in Part B and you’ll need to have two forms:

How to Enroll in Medicare Online

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    • ​@Abt Insurance Agency – I did go online to the SSA website – signed in went to the Medicare section. There all the personal info was automatically filled in – all I had to do was answer three questions – clicked Next and got the following message: Sorry, the information you filled out does not match our records. So I went back and did the process again – and reviewed every thing very carefully – could not see anything off – clicked next and got the same results. Called the 800 number provided in the message – was on hold for 30 minutes – when I finally got a human being – the guy told me that they don’t handle applications on the phone – he told me to Goggle a form CMS 40 B – I did that and got a Malware Warning. So I called a SSA local lawyer – he referred me to my local VA Administration – and that Phone maze never got to any one or any thing related to what I was trying to do. So now I have been told by another SSA Attorney to simply go to a physical brick and mortar Social Security Office and apply for Medicare there. So another day off work I guess – but not sure why they can not run a website that works? Went to work at 13 – been paying taxes all my life – not sure why things don’t work as hard as I do? Thanks for your reply.

    • @James Dickens Every once in a while the information Social Security has on file for you doesn’t match up to your current records. In these situations, you typically have to go down in person to your local Social Security office to apply. Fun, I know! 🙂 Best of luck to you and let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future!

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