How Republicans Plan to Kill Medicare

Thom talks with Alex Lawson of Social Security Works about how Trump and his Republican cronies look to privatize Medicare and Social Security. Then, in the Lone Liberal Rumble, Thom debates Charles Sauer of the Market Institute and Republican Strategist David Ferguson about Trump’s pick of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and torture supporter Mike Pompeo for CIA director. Plus, a disturbing Thanksgiving Fact of the Day.

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38 thoughts on “How Republicans Plan to Kill Medicare

  1. If Trump cut his hair very short, as most sane balding men do, he’d almost
    look Human. Almost. He still has something of the space-hopper about him,
    whatever the Barnet is like.

    • +seeamerica1 Well, I’m hoping the few Democrats that are in there, at least
      try to filibuster. They need to filibuster and make the Republicans change
      the rules on the filibuster. I’m going to be mad if they don’t even do
      that. Regarding the bullet proof vest, etc., I’ve been wondering about that
      too. I was thinking the protestors/water protectors at DAPL should be
      wearing riot gear too. You need a helmet with protective glass on it, or, a
      cop/goon will shoot you in the eye while you are peaceful protesting.
      Either that, or blow your arm off with a grenade.

    • +idmhead
      I got the thought cause I spent most of the day watching all the DAPL
      videos.Yes it’s HONORABLE the Native Indians protest peacefully & with
      prayer; but still I am reminded of what started as a peaceful resistance in
      India against British law led by Mahatma Gandhi where thousands were
      jailed & violence broke out..I hope it doesn’t go that far in ND yet I’m
      reading already 500 have bee jailed in ND.
      I’m mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore..

  2. Paul Ryan lies. Medicare was robbed to pay for GWB’s Iraq War with LIES and
    not paid back. GWB tried TWICE to privatize SS and failed. Medicare works
    and was expanded with the ACA so physicians could expand their business and
    would stop refusing patients because they were considered “a loss”.
    Medicare works very well when funded correctly and not messed with; it can
    be improved and made into a public option. If private insurance wants to
    co-exist, then let them. Competition in health care plans is good in a
    capitalistic economy. I don’t understand why politicians with NO healthcare
    practice or education get to make rules for this issue.

    • You know what is really stupid? Trump is going to give huge tax cuts. For
      corporations, they are cutting the tax from 35% to 15%. It is estimated
      that this will add another 6 trillions to the national debt. And f— heads
      like Paul Ryan are perfectly fine with this. But, for Medicare, or Social
      Security, no, we have to have a balanced budget. I say f—- that budget.
      They will NEVER pay it off. They have already dug us way too far into a
      hole being an empire, securing and stealing resources from other countries,
      invading every country that crosses our path etc. Maybe if these
      incompetent f—s worried about running this country in a competent manner
      instead of meddling in everyone else’s business we would have had universal
      health care a long time ago. I accidentally watched Nightly Business News
      yesterday. They are giddy on there about the tax breaks. They almost can’t
      believe that the working class was stupid enough to fall for it. The rich
      and the corporations are laughing themselves all the way to the bank. Got
      that, they are laughing at you all you morons that voted for Trump. The
      people stupid enough to think he was going to represent the working class.
      He doesn’t.

    • Paul Ryan is a corporate meat puppet, he needs to be investigated. he’s
      obviously under the control of corporate criminals. he doesn’t represent
      the vox populi and his career in politics will be over if he starts to move
      on Medicare. anyone that endorses Ayn Rand as a model of governance is
      dangerous and childish . She is irrelevant to the world as it is. how are
      old & infirmed ppl supposed to live with any dignity if they get a voucher
      to compensate for healthcare ? it’s satanic to even think like that.

    • Earl Brackett I know , it was Jeff Sessions and Ayn Rand they fucked and
      made that satanic Eddie Munster looking Bat Paul Ryan . lol.

  3. US doctors earn more than twice as much as their counterparts in Western
    Europe add this to the insurance scam and you’ll find the cause of your
    health care problem. That and the unhealthy GMO steroid-saturated food
    producedy. The USA is a giant Bauer experiment and the results are coming
    in and they don’t look good.

    • But unlike their European counterparts, they graduate with $200-300’000 in
      student debt. So, do that math. In Europe, wn education is free. Once you
      realize that this country spends 50% of its GDPon the military, you’ll get
      why it’s so fucked.

    • Well why don’t you see how much student debt a new doctor has to pay off.
      Then tell me how long it will take to pay that off at bus drivers wages.
      And of course, no one is giving this doctor a free office complete with
      free staff. And if you would like a real eye opener, just ask some doctor
      how much he has to shell out for malpractice insurance.

  4. Oh my God ! These two men at the end of the show… Are they stupid ?

    1- putting torture at the negotiation table as “a sign of strength” is not
    sign of strength at all. It is a sign of weakness and it is bullying.
    Bullies go down in the end. Everyone on the planet will hate the USA.
    Terrorism will increase.
    2- Torture is against the Geneva Convention. You *cannot* put it at the
    negotiation table.
    3- By condoning, even the possibility, to torture, to kill the families
    (innocent children) of your enemies, you further the already dangerous
    trend of normalizing insult, un-truths, threats, violence and we put
    ourselves on the road to Fascism.

    – Fascism means a police state. No more freedom.
    – It implies Corporations will rule together with big Government.
    – It means a charismatic leader (and his cronies + family) will decide
    – And it implies the death of a free press. No more news … just
    Infotainment and lies.
    – And a truckload of prison camps and then : work camps.
    – And then : war.

  5. Hey, go easy on Sessions…the Founding Fathers would have loved
    him….he’s just trying to live up to their white supremacists beliefs and

  6. Boy someone did a job on Paul Ryan like brainwashed and made him into a non
    human entity!!!! He has no frontal human capacity!!! MK ULTRA?

  7. We’ll leave torture and killing of civilians “on the table” as a
    negotiation tool but we won’t actually do it… Really? These terrorists
    are radical but they aren’t stupid. They will use this willingness to
    “consider” torture and killing of innocents to recruit while knowing we
    would never do it which harms us (puts our soldiers at risk and helps them
    recruit) while not helping us a bit. Idiotic argument.

  8. This is the face of republican party. We used nukes in Japan appropriately!
    I don’t see how they are better than terrorists in this case…

    • No way! His career is to be a lawyer in Alabama, I think this is the only
      kind of argument that works in that state:

      My client committed no wrong-doing because he is from Alabama and I am from
      Alabama and I can prove it’s still a great place to live by repeatedly
      saying to you it is. Only liberals like Elizabeth Warren would not like
      living here, and she is instigating this conflict over my client’s
      appointment because she is from the Northeast and likes to incite hatred
      between groups of people for her own benefit. Therefore all of the
      liberal’s allegations are false, since Alabama is still an amazing place to
      live with zero hatred at all between groups of people, except conservatives
      and liberals, who happen to all be corrupt and liars. I rest my case.

  9. Stop quoting Paul Krugman as a credible source, he discredited himself when
    he attacked Bernie Sanders and was against Glass-Steagall.

  10. “keep it all on the table” like my jaw since it fell so low watching the
    repetitive trumpers that cant think rationally and refuse to work out a
    question so instead repeat themselves over and over.

  11. These two snivelling cowards at the end need to grow a pair of gonads and
    say what they fucking mean. All they need to say is ‘I support the use of
    torture’ and that whole segment could’ve gone a lot quicker. But they
    won’t, because they know it’s wrong. They know torture is morally
    indefensible. They know torture doesn’t work. They know it puts American
    lives in danger. But they really, really want to stick it to those
    terrorists because it makes their bigboy parts feel funny inside.

    So instead they spend the rest of the show using weasel words and glib
    lines that wouldn’t fool a five-year old, and then repeat them over and
    over again. They don’t want to be seen supporting it, so they say ‘we
    should leave all options on the table’. What that actually means is ‘I want
    to be able to do anything I want to my enemies’. This is the same position
    as ISIS, who we’re supposed to be better than.

    We’re fucking America, goddamnit! We’re the best country on the planet!
    These two dickheads want to change that. They want to drag us down to the
    level of fucking North Korea, ISIS, Afghanistan under the Taliban and every
    mouthbreathing gargoyle on /pol/ because torturing their enemies makes
    their fucking dicks hard.

  12. Those guys are idiots… and no, nuclear bombs were not used
    “appropriately”. Guys like this want the entire world to hate America, only
    they are too stupid to even know that is what they want.

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