How Medicare Rewards Copious Nursing-Home Therapy

For U.S. nursing homes, Medicare’s rules can provide a financial incentive to increase rehabilitative therapy for patients who may not benefit from extra care. WSJ’s Anna Wilde Mathews joins Lunch Break With Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty

How Medicare Rewards Copious Nursing-Home Therapy

One thought on “How Medicare Rewards Copious Nursing-Home Therapy

  1. For years the APTA has recommended immediate aggressive therapy where available and possible as it pays off fast for patients and gets them discharged sooner.  I don’t think getting the biggest bang for the medicare buck was ever part of their math.
    I understand the concern but Medicare already, as merely alluded to, does check to make sure the patient is progressing, and so does insurance.  Though they work a little differently.
    The fact that someone has dementia has very little impact on offering care and asking repeatedly during a day is probably good for patients who live a freaking nursing home, are you guys kidding with this unethical angle, that’s total BS.  Only when the dementia gets really bad or some other reason come up…  They aren’t saying a person’s life lack value because they get dementia and it would be a severe blow to moral if that was foisted on the profession, are you really going there?
    Oh, and if there is a pain problem the APTA recommended you CONTACT THEIR PHYSICIAN OR PAIN PHYSICIAN.

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