How do Excess Charges Work with Medicare?

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Important to note, in addition to this video, that Medicare Advantage plans have nothing at all to do with these billing scenarios. The scenarios, including everything having to do with Excess Charges, only apply to original Medicare and/or Medicare with a Medicare Supplement policy. Medicare Advantage participants are not free to see any original Medicare provider and have restrictions, exclusions, co-pays, etc. in addition to original Medicare.

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How do Excess Charges Work with Medicare? | Plan N Excess Charges

4 thoughts on “How do Excess Charges Work with Medicare?

  1. Chris, my wife and I are really enjoying these latest series of videos. They are very informative.

    Could you talk about what a Medicare beneficiary should do when they receive their EOB and they see the dreaded “NO” on claims that were not allowed or approved by Medicare?

    Thanks for all your help.

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