House Democrats to Hold Hearings on Medicare for All

For the first time ever, House Democrats will be holding hearings on Medicare for All. Thanks to the millions of people who have stood up and demanded that we make health care a right for all, not just the wealthy, we are making real progress.

House Democrats to Hold Hearings on Medicare for All

47 thoughts on “House Democrats to Hold Hearings on Medicare for All

  1. Normal in every country, better care in many countries, but the corporate media doesn’t want it. Just look at how CNN talks about it, manipulating the numbers. The pharma industry is way to powerful, buying our politicians and then they keep telling us it is impossible.

    We want medicare for all, NOW.

  2. I know I wasn’t the one fighting a never-ending war but to see a man who stands up for others get emotional for the idea of his fighting finally meaning something… a movement thought to be hopeless could finally be over the horizon. Stay vigilant. Just like evil never stops… you must become a force of good for not only yourselves but your fellow Americans. The future you want for our planet and the children that inherit it is so close, don’t let this dream die again.

    Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for never letting your heart falter. Sorry, it took so long… you will be remembered for many years to come.

  3. Once we have Single Payer/Medicare For All, then those greedy ‘for profit’ insurance/drug companies will be forced to compete against the actual real cost of healthcare instead of charging their greedy profit oriented monopoly prices. Toooo bad… soooo sad that they’ll have to lower their greedy profits while having to provide higher quality care and service for those who choose to buy healthcare from them instead of using our Public Option of Medicare For All. I’m sure the greedy Republicans and dumb Trump Apologists will all cry bitter tears for those poooor greedy Billionaire CEO’s! Sooooo sad.

    – Citizens: SPREAD THE WORD! BE SURE AND HAVE THIS CONVERSATION WITH YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR CO-WORKERS. THE MEDIA IS OWNED, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, BY CORRUPT BIG PHARMA AND GREEDY INSURANCE COMPANIES. THE MEDIA WON’T ALLOW THIS INFORMATION TO BE BE SHOWN. IT’S UP TO YOU AND ME TO SPREAD THE WORD! Go to Bernie Sanders website. Go to Thom Hartmann’s website. Go to PatrioticMillionaires .org. YouTube Dr Richard Wolff. Inform yourselves! Because if you don’t even know what your choices are, then you have None. THINKING IS PATRIOTIC!

  4. I wish this for everyone in this country! You have my vote Bernie Sanders! You had it in 2016!!! America needs you! I Love you so much! xxxooo

  5. Do not Trust our GOVERNMENT. To much greed in Washington. They say one thing and do another. WAKE UP AMERICA. If we are so great why is Fox News a advisor for Trump?

    • Our government’s not the problem, it’s the politicians working in it. The system is not broken, the mofos running it are. I can’t stand the sight of most of them!! (Definitely excluding Bernie!)

    • Harry Mann Jr ok you clearly are not that bright…everyone needs healthcare its not an optional expense. You are spending the money either way and people in single payer countries spend much less per capita for healthcare because you cut the middle man out.

    • Harry Mann Jr Canadians have very similar tax brackets and have single payer healthcare. Do you plan to go without health insurance? I see logic is not getting through your density, but I hope you mature and realize slightly higher middle class taxes would still save you money in the end and you effective income would be higher under single payer.

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