History of Medicare in Saskatchewan

This documentary aired July of 2012 telling the story of the implementation of Medicare in Saskatchewan in the early 60's and then it became universal across Canada. No cost to the people, no second rate "County" or VFW hospitals. Anyone in Canada with a For Sale sign on their house means they are MOVING, not selling to pay a doctor of hospital bill. We do not bankrupt our citizens in the name of HEALTH. NOTE: In 1979 I was a passenger in a wreck, broke my neck and spent 8 months in the hospital. At the time they sent us annual statements [not invoices] and mine read $80,000. No cost to me.33 plus years on, I receive any care I need whenever I need it even though I'm disabled. NO Death Panels!

For American viewers, T.C. [Tommy] Douglas is the grandfather of Hollywood actor Keifer Sutherland.

History of Medicare in Saskatchewan

One thought on “History of Medicare in Saskatchewan

  1. After 50 years it is clear that universal medicare has been a dismal
    failure. In the last half century healthcare in Saskatchewan has stagnated.
    Every 20 years or so spending goes out of control and the province responds
    with more centralization of services. Medicare gives preference to
    politicians and creates jobs for union administrators. The public suffer
    long wait times, are denied access to the latest drugs, and have a lower
    survival rate than Americans for every major disease. 

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