Hillary Clinton Attacks Progressives, Critiques Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds on cable news shows in an attempt to both (a) promote her new book, and (b) continue f*cking over America even more. Not only is she tripling-down on her attacks against progressives—calling them divisive, and implying that they're sexist—but she's also trying to undermine Bernie Sanders by criticizing his 'Medicare for All' bill and condescendingly implying he doesn't understand his own bill and can't determine how much it will cost. She's also trying to persuade the Democratic Party to not give Bernie any influence. Thanks, Hillary!


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Hillary Clinton Attacks Progressives, Critiques Bernie's 'Medicare for All' Bill

65 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Attacks Progressives, Critiques Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 111* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right now—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on September 27th. Enjoy the show!

    • Anti-theist Atheist, let me be clear in case the gravel in your cranium is making it hard for you to understand. You are an Idiot. But, it’s okay most of humanity is full of them. I am not looking for confirmation, or whatever shitty method you keep using to end up at your ridiculous conclusions, brick for brains. (Because there is something called reading. It might be a new concept for you to try.)
      The truth is the truth, it does not need you, or me to believe in it to become the truth, or to help support it, in order to be acknowledged as the truth. It can stand for itself and it always does.
      It’s morons like you that keep other confused people from arriving at the right conclusion sooner, because, you are too lazy to do any leg work and pass off your opinions as facts. So F you for wasting my time and for wasting the time of all the people that had to endure your insufferable, back ally trash, convoluted, bias, baseless and conspiracy based comments. But as I have said earlier, keep spewing nonsense it really helps your case and drives my point home. Go on…

    • Jaguar Warrior no need to waste you time on this guy, he is here to troll and trolls only understand on thing, trolling. If you read his comments, he has not said a single thing of any merit.

    • The Humanist Report she says, “universal coverage” not single payer not universal healthcare. This soon after saying stop saying, “stop attacking Democrats from the left!” Stop pushing right wing policies in the supposedly left wing party then!

    • Metro Trujillo she still is a republican. Her economic platform was very similar to Mitt Romney’s in 2008. She’s a DINO – Democrat In Name Only.

    • kofarizona It’s funny that you mention Mitt Romney. Hillary is the Mitt Romney of the Democrats. She flips-flops depending on whoever was her audience. Hell, she even said things in private that helped tank her campaign, just like Romney.

    • I think you wanted to highlight “YOUR” in this sentence. I have seen so little of Trump since the election, I keep on top of his antics but I have seen her much more in my “waking” and “nightmare” lifes

  2. The best thing to come out of this nightmarish Trump presidency might very well be Hillary Clinton losing the elections. Almost worth it.

    • Drew Falconer Opionion article and you know when Latinos needed you too stand with them? When the man who was calling Mexicans rapists and murderers was about to be elected for President of the United States. When the man who was almost guaranteed to put in horrible immigration reform stepping up to the plate to destroy their lives. Idk how you voted but if it wasn’t for Clinton in that general you literally just sat back and let someone punch and kick them in the face and now are feigning to care for their wounds and pick them up like nothing happened. You would have given up your responsibility to help and protect them. Yes yes I’m the divisive one. And it’s not like I’m saying don’t fight to change the party but what I am saying that it was a dumb fcking idea to allow the people who want the anthesis of your priorities into complete and total power of this country’s government.

    • Drew Falconer again on the backs of others. A “progressive ” by definition wants the country to progress. If, and again I’ll say that idk how you voted, but if you or others like you refused to allow the country to progress no matter how slowly you thought it would come through Clinton, you allowed the country to regress through Trump. By definition that is not progressive, and if you have that ends justify the means mentality you are actively saying sacrifices must be made for a “revolution” that isn’t assured to come. Your priviledge, and my priviledge as well, is that those consequences for those inactions have not fallen on you or myself.

    • Drew Falconer I have not ever said, and will not ever say white straight males opinions don’t matter. I don’t really know anyone who has ever said that. Maybe these males have that feeling because mainly economically and socially they are at the top of the totem pole. Maybe they have this feeling that their opinions don’t matter because government is implementing focused assessments on other individuals who are having harder times than these straight white males. Straight white males don’t have to deal with having their rights to their own bodies taken from them. Mainly they are not the focus of ICE deportations. They are not disporpotiinally beimg murdered by government officals that are paid by the victims to protect them. White straight males ,Christian ones anyway, aren’t having their religions attacked and vilified. Just because government is focusing and prioritizing more serious matters effecting certain identities doesn’t mean that white straight males are being left out. Hillary Clinton proposed policy that would have directly effected this large group when she spoke of automation being their real enemy in the job market and she proposed retraining programs and focus on trade skills. And may I ask if you are familiar with the voting system we have in place for the general election and how spoilers effect elections?

    • 100% worth it. Voted for Obama twice but I voted for Trump. I would rather watch the world burn rather than give this career liar and criminal my vote.

    • Barry Nichols It’s bittersweet irony that Bernie’s selflessness drives him to try and save the Dems, and moreover Americans and humanity living and not yet born.

  3. I love how she says “if you don’t want to work with Democrats, go somewhere else,” and then simultaneously screams at Stein voters like me who took her advice. The hypocrisy is so infuriating.

  4. She outright lied (like always) about immediately endorsing Obama. She waited until June and claimed Obama could be assassinated like Bobby Kennedy ergo she couldn’t drop out. Its like she doesn’t understand how cameras work.

    Plus more Bernie voters voted for her vs her own for Obama but like Bernie she got more votes yet lost due to a rigged system. Karma!

  5. 1:33 “…and in 08′ we ran much closer, tougher primary contest between Obama and myself. It was really close.” -HRC

    2008 Primary: Obama 54% HRC 46%
    2016 Primary: HRC 54% Sanders 46%

    They’re exactly the same, nothwithstanding the fact that HRC, DWS and Donna Brazile (among others) rigged the 2016 primary for HRC. She is SHAMELESS!

    • That’s actually incredibly Impressive given Bernie was pretty much blacked out in the Media and was a point of laughter by pundits at the start and of course the Horrible Debate schedule , couple with rigged Primaries, Superdelegates, etc.
      Meanwhile Obama quickly became the media darling of the ’08 Primary and got a ton of coverage.

  6. She sounds insane, what is she talking about. It sounds like she is angry that she could not control other people and the DNC so she could rule the country as President from the White House. It is the people who vote who get you elected and this is done with a platform with a message and what you want to do for the people. Seem this is not clear to politicians any more, they are so disconnected from reality is it scary.

  7. Hillary was punished for the corruption in the primary. Cheating in an election should be a disqualifying sin for a candidate. Cheating robs the losing factions of the assurance they were heard and just didn’t convince enough people.

    There is this basic principal of democracy, when you win a free and fair election everybody rallies around the winner. Problem was, the Democratic primary was not free and fair, and even when sued over they primary not being free and fair, the DNC response was that damn right, they could just pick a candidate in a back room, VOTERS SHOULD NOT EXPECT A FAIR PRIMARY.

    • Scary thing is, many older people, like my parents, who have been progressive most of their lives, are blindly following Hillary, totally think Wikileaks works for Russia, believing the mainstream media and the lies she is saying, and then, she says terrible things about the one man who would work overtime to bring us back together as Americans over political party and the audience claps. Smh-It’s really sad how many people have been led into following the most corrupt woman in all of US history.

    • How was Hillary “punished for the corruption in the primary”?? The primaries were rigged for her man! She had all the advantages.And don’t give me the “she didn’t know about any of it” crap. Only a fool would be so naive to actually believe she didn’t have any part in it.

    • There are obviously only 2 kinds of Democratic/Progressive Voters in the USA. Those who bothered their Asses to Read ANY OF WIKILEAKS and those who didn’t! When ever I speak to people who still support Hillary I ask them if they read any of the e-mails from Podesta, DNC or Wassaman-Schultz. Of course they immediately blame those e-mails on Russia or start trying to de-legitamize Wikileaks. When I present the facts to them they still persist with the same lines I just blasted away with facts. Such as: WikiLeaks has not produced a single bit of information that has ever been disproven in over 10 years. Nobody in the DNC has been able to say that anything WikiLeaks has published has been a lie, except Donna Brazil and she has had to retract that. That WikiLeaks does not Hack into anybody system and steal data, nor does it publish hacked data. Hacked means somebody broke into a system & stole data – Leak means somebody had the right to the data, copied it and brought to a publisher because they felt some people were secretly breaking laws and misleading the public.

      Yet they still persist with: Why didn’t WikiLeaks hack into Donal Trumps system and release dirt on him to keep it fair? Russians changed that data, etc. etc. etc. — that data was stolen, etc.

      People who are Hillbots, just do NOT want to know the truth! By the way, Jullian Assange said he has received data on Donald Trump but all of it was published before! Yes! But the info on Hillary was not!

      As you well know, Hillary and the Dems obviously OWN the media in the USA but I had no idea it could possibly be as world wide as it is! So all countries better really do some internet searches on their own candidates & hope for some whistle blowers get some facts out there too!

    • She did not win free & clear, everyone knows she cheated with DNC. When someone cheats it comes back to you..this is why she lost to Trump, she became so unfair and obviously stole it and no one liked her because she was for Wall street and didn’t fight for the people as Bernie does end of story.

  8. Were it not for the interference of Obama and Hillary, Keith Ellison would be DNC chair now. But Hillary kept her campaign staff around in the DNC ostensibly to staff a “war room”, but really just to rig the election of the DNC chair. Obama pushed Perez for chair. Together they made sure the Democratic party would not correct course; that they will lose in 2020 in the same way they lost in 2016.

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