Hillary Clinton Attacks Medicare-For-All & The Public Option

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Hillary Clinton Attacks Medicare-For-All & The Public Option

61 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Attacks Medicare-For-All & The Public Option

  1. Does anyone find it hilarious and hopeless that Bernie clearly destroyed Hillary in the debate. Then cnn, msnbc, cbs, kept saying hmmm it was a tie or Bernie is weak on guns LOL dafaq

  2. Hillary is just a counter intuitive person on herself. She’ll say anything just to get votes, even if she said she was against it/ for it earlier on.

  3. Medicare for all = A better, not shitty, Obamacare.

    I wish humanity had an average awareness in the higher extremes. Then we can see through this bullshit.

    • +Red Oblivion While I agree with your point, the issue is that the IQ average will always be 100 because it is 100 by definition.

    • +Red Oblivion – Medicare for all is not Obamacare, non-shitty or otherwise. The purpose of Obamacare has been to shower the gift of our hard-earned money on the private sector. It’s really very surprising to see how slowly this is sinking in. Universal means no one gets left out, including those with a low IQ AND those who think they’re the smartest person in the room.

  4. The American political spectrum is so shifted to the right,that Eisenhower would be considered to be a crazy communist,even by the democrats.

  5. obamacare is polling unpopular. that is not how we win. medicate for all is more understandable to voters. i am offended that hillary assumes that becausr im black that i agree with everything he does. i dont.

  6. If Clinton wins, I’m going to flat out blame the complete lack of intellect in all SJWs and third wave feminists, it will be those fucking retards that bought into Shillary’s identity politics

    • +Dan Seiter

      You’re talking about “womyn born womyon only spaces” people who labels transgender people as perverts and sexual predators while whining about -“trans violence”…’And then shrug off any hate crime committed against them.

      I’ve heard of them. The most pathetic bunch of nitwits making alliances with RWers with the mentality and sexual voyerism as juvenile delinquents.

      I think it’s a tribalist thing right there.

      If Bernie wins, remember, that’s when the real fight begins. That’s when you are going to change the system by getting money out of politics first; primary any democrat or republican who are not with that fight…
      Stand outside Congress every day just like the teabaggers did, and come with signs with real substance.

      Unfortunately, I cannot parttake in any of those things, since I’m across the pond and can only enjoy the freak show called American Election from the internet.

    • +Dan Seiter

      My country?

      And what country would that be?

      In my country, people don’t risk going bankrupt if they get sick.

      My country is one of the models that Bernie Sanders is talking about mate.

    • +Dan Seiter

      Nope. Norwegian. Having worked in both Ireland and Britain.
      Having worked in 5 countries the last 10 years.

      All for mulitinational corporations.

      I have also gone to school in Kansas many years ago as an exchange student. What a weird place. Spent half a year in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) where my father lives

      So I assume I know a little bit about what goes on in all these countries.

      And the country that gives me the most entertainment politics wise is USA. The ony entertaiment my own politicians are giving is when they spout out something BS about putting pot smokesr and drug addicts in prison is somehow rehabilitating them, and I confront them by stoping them in their lies and demand they get off their fat asses and repeal an unconstitutional prohibition.
      I am aso pissed off at some of my more nationaist countrymen who spouts about protecting “Norwegian culture” without actually go into details and get sore when their alleged patriotism and flags are being mocked.
      We do have a “center right” government these days. And they seem to have all read their Ayn Rand and pick and choose what “iberties” they want to give to some, and which “liberties” they want to take from others.

      MSM started to become irrelevant when they kicked out Keith Olbermann. The one news man that gave me hope that there was at least one voice of reason in the sewer of corporate media with Hunter S. Thompson dead.

      What I am simply saying is in order to get real change, you have to fight on all leves. One level is to primary corporate democrats.

      In the meantime when I’m not glued to the American election, I am pestering power mongers inj my own country.

  7. As much as i like the idea of a single payer system, we can’t just jump into it so long as the private insurance industry still exists. Too many jobs would be lost at once if we just immediately kicked out private insurance in favor of Medicare for all. We should start with the public option, and make Medicare more enticing than private insurance, which would slowly drain the insurance industry until it is small enough that we can finally make the switch to single payer without significantly hurting the economy and/or rallying people against the policy.

    • +Ryan Cauffman

      Too many jobs have been lost aready from republican politics.

      Don’t knock off Bernie just because you are concerned for the well being of CEOs and stock holders who make money out of this Ponzy scheme called “private health insurance”.

    • +bohemianwriter1 I support Bernie. I’m just saying that we need to phase in publicly funded healthcare. Otherwise, we would kill too many jobs too quickly, and that could turn people away from the idea.

    • +Ryan Cauffman

      I suggest you make a public option with medicare for anyone who wants it.

      The insurance companies’ influence must also be phased out.

  8. Shes an idiot and should never be in the running. How can people vote for here. Uninformed morrons who want a women president,. So fucking stupid.

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