38 thoughts on “HHS Secretary Price on Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ bill

  1. I live in Canada… We have single payer healthcare… Single payer has existed in Canada my entire life… I have NEVER had the federal government tell me what kind of healthcare I will receive, or whether or not I will receive healthcare…

    These people are lying to you because they get massive donations from insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to keep healthcare in the USA run by for profit industries so they can suck as much money out of you as possible…

    Canada’s single payer system is incredibly popular, costs about 50% less than what USA citizens pay, our health outcomes are generally the same as in the USA, our life expectancy is higher in Canada, our infant mortality rate is drastically lower, and Canadians don’t pay a single dime out of pocket when we require medical treatment…

    Now, of course there are some drawbacks to single payer… Our wait times can be longer for ELECTIVE procedures… Lets be very clear about what that means… If you require surgery or treatment that would be considered life saving or life changing (Such as reduction of severe pain for example) there is absolutely no wait times… In Canada, if you specifically request a procedure that is not necessary but you want it done anyway, yes there are wait times…

    Let me give you an example. About 4 years ago, I had a severe back injury. I crushed three discs in my back and lacerated my sciatic nerve. It was extremely painful, but not life threatening. Inside of two weeks, i had seen my family doctor twice, had an MRI (and received my diagnosis the same day I had the MRI), and started rehab treatments(I was in rehab for 6 months) as well as getting a few prescriptions… All within two weeks, for a non life threatening injury… And not one bit of it costed me a single dime out of my pocket…

    As for Canadians being taxed like crazy to pay for healthcare, it simply isn’t true… In fact, a family of 4 in Canada pays significantly less per year in taxes, than a family of 4 in the USA pays after insurance monthly payments, deductibles and co-pays… Single payer would save the country money, but would also save each family money per year…

    I am only telling you guys this because in Canada we are tired of seeing our American brothers and sisters die or go bankrupt for the simple crime of getting sick… Healthcare and education are the two areas that should never be run fro profit because in a for profit model, the individual is not the priority, profits are…

    These people are making a fortune off lying to you!

    • It is NOT the responsibility of the government to care for citizens. It’s the responsibility of the government to provide national defense and adjudicate disputes.

      Nothing has done more for the improvement of the quality of healthcare than the free market, even for the poorest in America. Healthcare is prohibitively expensive because of government intervention which limits competition and subsidizes the major players. That results in the healthcare sector being dominated by a handful of mega corporations who make enough money to hire lobbyists and staff to deal with the bureaucratic BS.

      Repeal the ACA and gut the FDA and healthcare regulations so that healthcare can become more affordable and more effective. The goal should be quality, affordable healthcare. It’s a violation of our rights as Americans to be mandated by the government to buy anything. 100% health insurance coverage should NOT be the focus of this discussion!

      Here’s a great video series which goes into the economics of healthcare for anyone who’s interested.


    • I’ve also heard horror stories of Canadians with treatable illnesses going untreated or undiagnosed until they became life-threatening or even terminal. Contrary to the claims of many in the media, there are no poor American masses dying because of unaffordable healthcare.

    • Matt, there are horror stories with every system. I feel a free market system is the best approach. And every system has problems. However, what people have to realize that as a whole the US system and Canada’s system are not terrible. Mainly because we are both developed country. Those who push for a single payer system in the US feeling it will be better are delusional as a whole.

    • whyamimrpink78 I agree wholeheartedly. There is no perfect system. There will always be those who fall through the cracks, but there is nothing that matches the versatility, efficiency and effectiveness of the free market.

  2. People will save more money on premiums & deductibles. When we have Medicare for all, none of what he speaks is even relevant.
    Btw, Why are all these liars in trump’s admin so incredibly effeminate?

    • So the government increases my taxes and tells me that I will save money? So does the government feel I am too stupid to manage my own money? Because that is what I am seeing this as.

    • John Doe, other countries don’t switch to the for profit model because radical changes like that leads to economic decline. As a whole the US and other countries are developed and are very successful. Their system “works” well enough that they stick to it. A free market system will be better, but switching to that means telling millions of people to change their way of life they are used to, their finances, and the overall economy. It is why we should not go to a single payer system and why so many Americans oppose it (as seen in the Coloradocare vote). So it is best to stick with what we have and make minor adjustments.

      Compare it to this. Why doesn’t the US switch to the metric system like every other nation uses? I feel the metric system is much easier. Answer, you tell 320+ million people to change. They won’t. Now apply that to something complex like healthcare.

    • “Healthcare=less dead=happier people.”

      I agree, but is the government the best means to provide it? And why? Is the government hiding doctors, drugs, organs, etc. from people and all we need is to allow them to raise our taxes and everything will be all better?

      It isn’t that simple.

  3. Want patient centered care? Tell these insurance companies to screw off. They don’t care about you but they do care if you need them to pay out.

  4. Germany , England , Italy , France , Canada , Spain etc …, all these countries have single payer healthcare . And we have capitalism healthcare , which only pleases insurance companies .

  5. Fox News Host, please advise: Your use and ability of playing “Devil’s Advocate” is indicitive of all the fallacious ways you people establish your opinions. The opposition that you offer as Devil’s Advocate is: they like it but they can’t pay for it? Nice argument. Here’s an argument you can make: what the hell choices do we have in the medical field for ourselves today? Tell me what can I dictate that’s not already dictated to me by the insurance companies and the medical profession. Control over our own health care is a fantasy that fearful people with enough money to provide healthcare for their own family but don’t want to pay higher taxes make up.

  6. I don’t understand how alot of right wingers can’t grasp the fact that with more people paying into one system that it will drive prices down. Have they never bought anything in bulk? Insurance companies aren’t there for the patients, they are there to make profit. Other than that you wont have to pay insurance ceo salaries and the workforce they put behind denying people coverage for things they need. The government will be able to drive prescription drug prices down alot easier than several insurance companies trying on their own. They have a product to sell and if they cant meet the price requirements then they wont sell their drugs. This is basic stuff.

    • Imagine the savings on administrative costs for hospitals, health professionals, employers? Many employers are spending tons of time and money crunching numbers trying to get affordable healthcare to their employees..some change plans yearly because of costs. The positive impact to small businesses is never talked about either..every business will benefit dramatically.

    • “I don’t understand how alot of right wingers can’t grasp the fact that
      with more people paying into one system that it will drive prices down.”

      How? It isn’t that simple. What you also do is put more people on the tab which drives prices up.

      ” Have they never bought anything in bulk?”

      Me as an individual I have. Not as a group.

      “The government will be able to drive prescription drug prices down alot
      easier than several insurance companies trying on their own”

      You have one buyer at that point, zero leverage. Prices go up.

  7. What’s funny is none of these clowns ever realize how happy the citizens of nations with single payer never complain about their healthcare.
    Only the morons who buy the BS from corrupt and bought politicians ever spew the crap about it being bad for taxpayers or the fabled long wait times, etc. If you’re in need of Emergency care, You will get emergency care. Its not that difficult to figure it. Doesn’t take a genius.

  8. Just accept the reality of the situation. Health Insurance companies are a massive industry that pays billions of dollars in advertising to get your business. They pay billions of dollars to their CEO’s.Our doctors pay billions of dollars to deal with all of the different healthcare companies in which they have to deal with and fight each of the claims adjusters for proper payments. There is a reason why the United States is the ONLY industrialized nation left on earth that doesn’t have a single payer healthcare system. None of those billions go toward paying for your actual healthcare. I pay $1,168/mo for health insurance for my family of 3 as a tax paying, hard working citizen of this country. Thats twice our mortgage payment. Single payer will never happen here because i waited to tell you that MILLIONS of dollars of your premium payments are spent on lobbying by our health insurance companies to keep idiots like this in office so that those dollars are not spent on our healthcare. They are spent to make more profit by getting more of our money

  9. Healthcare now is INSURANCE CENTERED. Patients don’t have a choice. Everything requires prior authorization or network restricted while the insurance company makes trillions. I’m not falling for the fable he is telling.

  10. Medicare is not going broke they give put trillions of dollars to block grant programs under the social security act..ie foster care, child support, welfare etc. People wake up!

  11. Socialism will not work here in America, people are for the most part independent thinkers (at least conservatives are) I don’t want some bureaucrat in DC deciding about my healthcare. Obamacare has placed a financial hardship on many of my married children whose employment doesn’t offer health insurance or they are getting through college. Those of you who think this is a good idea have not yet had to pay for your own insurance and want taxpayers to pay for you.

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