26 thoughts on “Here’s what you need to know about the left’s “medicare for all” idea

  1. Wait just a sec, the left ? Aren’t they the ones so concerned about people going without a paycheck ? What on earth are all those insurance company employee’s going to do ? Micromanage the banking industry ? Lol. Marketing ? No wait,…more law firms ? OMG.

    • troll proof – The left or the right are not concerned about us,we the people, there only concern is making lobbyist and large corporations money. What law has been passed that actually protects our rights and freedoms ?

  2. No one will invest a life time money and effort for a $ 8 dol. fee on a Dr ‘s consultation , Ocacio wants slaves or worst . She can move to Venezuela to show how it works .

  3. The post office is a very profitable government service, until they were required to put $75 million a year into the pension fund. Congress knew the post office would not be able to meet that 75 million year after year. Lobbyist have done this for corporations to take over the Postal Service and the billions in the pension fund and to do as they please, such as drive down wages, cut workers pension and pay themselves(CEO’s, upper management) large salaries and bonuses.

  4. here in AU i just got back from the doc over my daughters acne and the public wait tine to see a specialist was going to be a couple months or more so we have to pay to see within a week

  5. I’d would rather pay high premiums and co-pays and be able to schedule a needed surgery, than have to suffer physical pain & wait months and months under single payer, while also now having to pay much higher taxes. The problem with the left’s ideas, is they don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I worked hard and got a job with benefits. If you made bad life choices that’s on you. I’m not giving my hard earned money to take care of you while you spend money on cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, fake nails, smart phones, or other vices and vanity. If truly disabled, you get health insurance in the US- Medicaid.

  6. Medicare in Australia works. Essentially the cost comes out of your tax. While it’s not perfect it does work. There are significant waiting list times, but overall the system works. This is due mainly to Australia’s smaller population-the larger the population arguably more complex the issue.

    • Larren Green:

      Medicare has been operating in Australia now for about forty years. It does work-maybe not as efficiently as wanted but it still works.

      In Australia people can also have private health insurance if they want. This usually means that if you’re not prepared to wait to go on a waiting list for surgery you can opt for getting it done quicker.

      Medicare was designed more as a safety net for those who might not be able to afford private health insurance. Anyone can turn up to emergency and get treated-tourists, foreigners etc and get looked after. Elective surgery is much different-costs.

      The issue as I see it is logistical. Larger populations means more complexity. Complex systems such as these are prone to backlogs etc for several reasons. In most state budgets in Australia health takes up the majority of the money allocated by the federal government. Australia also does not have the illegal alien issues that the US does.

  7. Ignorance can be very dangerous. Despite over a century of verifiable failures causing massive death, misery, poverty and human rights atrocities wrought by Socialism/Communism on their own people, ……idiots still push this debacle as a panacea for all. It has been an abject failure of monumental proportions throughout history, ……..and yet imbeciles like Sanders, Cortez and others push their vision on us. In Venezuela we can clearly see the results in real time, …………..these progressives should leave Socialism/Communism on the ash heap of history where it belongs.

    • Patrick Henry yea my homie pushes Democratic socialism and ironically calls capitalism evil or immoral. I’m like okay name a place where socialism actually works. I’ll wait. Because The worst form of capitalism is? USA? The worst form of socialism/communism is Joseph Stalin n Adolph Hitler.

    • The gov could maybe help by capping drug prices, discouraging take overs, forming large conglomerates. We need something between socialism and pure capitalism.

  8. You are right, the govt is inept and cant properly run what they have less healthcare. No socialust interference in our lives!!! But is is the definition of crazy, reoeatedly trying failed ideas and work, expecting a different result. Socialism doesnt work nor does government run healthcare.

  9. @.55 the 10 mons. wait time in Canada is lucky. Most are closer to 18 mons. He never mentioned Emerg room wait times. That can be anywhere from 3-8hrs. You can have single pay healthcare but it’s extremely costly. In Canada it’s about $5-6k/ family member /yr. so if you’re paying even $1k/mon in insurance for full family coverage in the U.S. with virtually No wait times, which system is better?

  10. I say give that health plan to the dumbocraps and libtards they want it !!! Everyone else can keep the good health plan !!!!

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