Health Insurers Spending Big to Save Anti-Medicare for All Democrats

Facing the prospect of a progressive wave that will usher in a new era in American healthcare, health insurance companies are spending big on the 2018 election to save incumbent Democrats that refuse to support Medicare for All.


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Health Insurers Spending Big to Save Anti-Medicare for All Democrats

60 thoughts on “Health Insurers Spending Big to Save Anti-Medicare for All Democrats

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 136* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on April 3rd. Enjoy the show!

    • McCaskill will be the best choice for Missouri. The alternative will be a republican that is more like Mike Pence than Donald Trump.

    • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot (indirectly) by the US government 50 years ago today. You might spend a moment thanking his spirit for being born and opening people’s eyes, before the government snuffed out his light like a candle flame in a hurricane.

      Early morning, April 4th
      Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
      Free at last, they took your life
      They could not take your pride
      In the name of love
      What more in the name of love?
      In the name of love
      What more in the name of love?

      (Lyrics by the band U2)

  2. And in the UK the Conservative government are de funding the NHS and paying private contractors like Richard Brason

  3. The only reason the United States is so rich is because the 1% hoards so much money for themselves while the rest of the country gets the scraps, the U.S. might as well be third world.

  4. I literally just got a text from my wife, who works for a “non-profit” healthcare provider Clinica Sierra Vista, which is also the default healthcare provider for their employees, saying that her coworker is having to refer to COBRA health insurance after 12 months of leave. Mind you this coworker is undergoing multiple surgeries, with a few remaining, and chemotherapy. #SinglePayerHealthcareForAll

  5. I don’t give a damn who their Republican opponents are, not a single leftist or progressives should vote for anyone of these conservative corporatists.

    • They both get bribed by the same crooks and do the same dirty dealing there is no difference except words which everybody knows talk is cheap.

    • There is a difference between conservative Democrats like Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly, and Heidi Heitkamp, who are ideologically socially conservative, and thus don’t need to be bribed to be so, and Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer, and really anyone who’d be under the label of establishment Democrat, because they, by and large, are not socially conservative for moral reasons like the Blue Dogs, they’re just owned by corporations and are economically liberal (contrasted with socialist and/or leftist). It is a mistake to pretend there is no difference in these two categories, in my estimate.

      I’m not saying one group is better. I’m not saying they don’t end up voting the same, for the most part. I just think there is a clear separation between the Blue Dogs and the establishment.

    • My personal belief is that they are all working for the same masters doing the same things for the same reasons they’re just directed by their masters to talk different so they *SEEM* different when really they’re not.

    • Meg C I always say that a democracy is a good concept of government but like most things need to be improved over time and it won’t work unless the average person is educated, open minded and do their research on the people they vote for

    • MySetList Democracy works reasonably well. American democracy does not, because it’s not democracy. The first past the post system is the worst “democratic” system ever created.

    • Rendom Stranger I’m not sure if u read the whole comment but I didn’t say democracy doesn’t it work I said it wasn’t a perfect system like pretty much everything it still needs to be improved so it doesn’t get taken advantage like it is now but it still won’t work if the populace isn’t well educated and are close minded plus people just need to accept that other people live their lives differently. Example who cares if someone is gay, straight, or bisexual if u don’t kno them on a personal level mind your own business and keep it moving as long as it doesn’t “physically” hurt u who cares how it doesn’t live to said person standards

    • MDKAI Exactly. I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect – nothing is. But things would be better than they are, now.

  6. Even after contacting my senator about co-sponsoring this bill I get the same rhetoric that “we must first protect” ObamaCare. These dems not only corrupt, but living in the past of the one “victory” is killing us all!

  7. Hey Mike, if you noticed the so called Democraps the help deregulate the banks and are against the medicare for all are all being challenged for their seat. This is how they are making sure the get a job when they loose the seat.

  8. They’re selling out for pennies. My Democratic Senator Michael Bennet got 2.2 million from the banks to turn his back on the people.

  9. This only shows how corrupt our government is, I wish it was illegal for politicians to get bought out by companies, their supposed to represent the people, not companies.

  10. Here in Michigan we pronounce her name “STAB-en-now” …and that’s what she’s doing: stabbing us all in the back. She’s also taken money from Monsanto to turn a blind eye to their pollution and other crimes. I will NEVER support that horrible woman in anything …unless she wants to resign and go live the rest of her life on a farm somewhere, raising pigs.

    • *Jebus Hypocristos:* YES! Whatever Shri Thanedar actually manages to *do,* he’s loudly and refreshingly POPULIST and PROGRESSIVE. He has my support. I hope he succeeds in being elected …and in keeping voter support by keeping his promises.

    • They’d sell us off to big buisness for five bucks to buy a packet of cigarettes and a milkyway bar. Don’t act surprised.

    • cptnsquires Five bucks, huh? Because $6000 to block Medicare access for 300 million people is $0.00002 per life. Don’t act surprised? Why? That is appalling, and everyone should be shocked and appalled by it.

  11. these for profit companies are making a great return on investment. a $8k political donation to so and so politicans translates to billions in profit. it’s one thing that these blue dogs are taking blood money. it’s another thing that they’re so easily bought.

    • I think they get something like a 5000% return on every dollar invested in bribes sorry donations so it’s cheap at twice the price . Politicians for all the help they give corporations are some of the cheapest whores out there.

    • They won’t be laughing when poor peoples children start dying and their parents finally snap and start bombing their buildings or shooting up their employees. They’re playing with fire and the rest of the country won’t stand for it much longer. I don’t care what side you’re on. When you lose your kids thats bound to make some people get mad and want to do something extreme.

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