Harley Rouda supporting Medicare for Illegals

Harley Rouda supporting Medicare for Illegals

2 thoughts on “Harley Rouda supporting Medicare for Illegals

  1. Pretty soon the well will run dry. Ayn Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged” gives a very good view of what will happen if the Democrats take control of congress. We need to take care of our citizens first, not last. This soft coup against President Trump will lead to economic collapse such has been seen in Venezuela. Mr. Rouda, how do you wish to pay for your additional $32 Trillion dollar program? We are beginning to see the inflation caused by the multi-trillion dollars wasted by the Obama administration. I didn’t realize the Democrats were into slavery, which would happen to the M.D.’s if you and your ilk get your way. Health Insurance is not Health Care.

  2. Ohio Harley has found a new scam. Being a “Progressive” Easter Bunny. Passing out other people eggs (tax dollars).
    Hurley lives in a 4 million gated home, paid for by the thousands of Ohio residents he made sub prime mortgages for, that later lost everything in the crash.
    And like a thief in the night, harvey cashed out and moved to California to start up a new scam.
    Proggessive Easter Bunny,

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