Greg Walden: Seniors can expect cuts to their Medicare Advantage

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) discusses the independent government report that estimates that 50 percent of seniors on Medicare Advantage can expect to lose that coverage as a result of the government takeover of healthcare.

2 thoughts on “Greg Walden: Seniors can expect cuts to their Medicare Advantage

  1. the only people fighting to take away medcare advantage plans are the
    Republicans! They’re the only party determined to end Social Security &
    Medicare (which is perfectly slovent btw) NOT Obama’s healthcare plan,
    which actually strengthens Medicare & goes after fraud.

  2. Representative Walden, there should not be the need for “Medicare
    Advantage,” which is nothing more than a for-profit insurance foothold in
    the Medicare system. Let’s fix Medicare by allowing drug price negotiation,
    not by giving more money to private companies to do what Medicare should do
    in the first place. These companies are famous for ripping off the
    government, and your support for their “Medicare Advantage” plans troubles
    me, as one of your constituents.

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