GE Retiree Medicare Supplement Choices

Read more at our website or call us at 1-888-411-1329. Have you been affected by GE's recent change to retiree benefits? Are you one of over 130,000 retirees that received a letter explaining that your health insurance was being dropped? Are you confused about your Medicare Supplement insurance options moving forward?

Please watch our video to see that you are not limited to the few Medicare Supplement choices offered by OneExchange. In fact you will have many more Medigap options available to you when shopping your Medicare Supplement through the independent insurance market.

How do you qualify for for GE's reimbursement? –
You should have received new benefit information from GE. This information states that you will have a $1000 with GE's Retirement Reimbursement Account if you purchase your Medicare Supplement -OR- your Part D drug plan with OneExchange.

You do not have to purchase BOTH your Part D and your Medicare Supplement plan with OneExchange.

By purchasing ONLY your Part D drug plan, you will then qualify for the reimbursement which will allow you to then shop for your Medicare Supplement on the independent market.

We have helped many GE and AT&T retirees during this transition. The Medicare Supplement plans available to you on the independent market have the SAME benefits as the ones provide by OneExchange.

Let us help you find the best plans from the top rated Medicare Supplement companies throughout the country.

Want to know more about your options? Please visit our website and read about how GE Retirees Can Get Better Medicare Supplement Options:

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