Fox News Commentator Thinks Medicare For All Is Inevitable

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Fox News Commentator Thinks Medicare For All Is Inevitable

68 thoughts on “Fox News Commentator Thinks Medicare For All Is Inevitable

    • Tom Tom Why? he’s not saying it as a good thing. The writing is on the wall, trumpcare is basically obamacare lite and republicans keep using democrat language about healthcare instead of republican language.

  1. ” *Fox News* Commentator *Thinks* Medicare For All Is Inevitable” The words “Fox News” and “Thinks” do not belong in the same sentence, paragraph, chapter, book or even the same language.

    • ISIS is an army of mercenaries created, funded and armed and controlled by the US government and their dog Saudi Arabia, so they’re not really a threat to America, they’re only a threat to those who threathen the petro-dollar and US imperialism. But I emphatically agree, Conservative are the actual terrorists to America

  2. They shouldn’t be allowed to claim “Obamacare failed”.. no, it didn’t fail.. heck, it saved my dad’s life.. but these republicans sabotaged it in every way they possibly could! They’re the ones intentionally making it fail. If you CAUSE something to fail, you don’t get to criticize that thing for failing.

    • +Ant Man
      *Also who gets to arbitrarily decide what can and cannot be profited off of?*
      I would argue the people do, we decide what you can profit off and what you can’t profit off. An example of this is, most people will openly say police should not be for profit, that is you have private police rather than public police. So most people have now decided this shouldn’t be for profit and it makes logical sense for healthcare. Because you get worse coverage when it’s for profit than compared to it not being for profit and having the middle man.
      So I think that is the way the country operates to be quite honest with you.

    • +Jonathan​ It does not make logical sense, police protect a community, healthcare is an individual good. Also since the police are tied to the judiciary branch of government it makes sense that they are tax payer funded. Healthcare is its own thing not related to any form of government.

      To put it simply, they didn’t arbitrarily decide to make police publicly funded, they did so because it’s a public good, and because it’s tied to an existing function of government. Healthcare has neither of those features.

    • +Ant Man
      Them being tied to a branch has no bearing on the overall point, the point is we decided to make sure it was public because everyone should be able to have access to protection. Now we are arguing everyone should have access to see a doctor because healthcare is required to survive since being sick is astronomically likely. Also I would argue it is *not an individual good* since you need people to keep the economy going.

      Essentially if you have people who can’t get treatment and can’t work, that effects everyone. And now people are deciding that its best if we no longer have that restriction.

      At the end of the day, society is made to represent what we think is fair and what we believe should be paid for by taxes. If the vast majority of people hate program X, they will elect people to get rid of X. If they love Y, they will elect people to do Y.

      If you think some things are just naturally made to be paid by taxes, you are dead wrong. We decide what should be paid and what shouldn’t paid, theres a reason why there are so many countries with thousands of different tax codes, regulations and programs.

    • Ant Man
      *You are foolish if you think that police being publicly funded has nothing to do with them being irrevocably tied to the court system.*
      Again it doesn’t because we made it that way, again you are missing the grand point. We choose to link it, just like we have amended many points in the constitution, because we choose to add it to our society. The constitution was not written by gods, in fact it was far from perfect.

      *Anyway, healthcare is still an individual good*
      Depends how you look at it because you can argue anything is an individual good but I see healthcare as best for others and for society as a whole. Like education, its best for a society to have people who are highly educated rather than idiots.

      *but the cast majority of people can and do have health insurance through private companies.*
      Still doesn’t matter how they receive healthcare, the point is its far more expensive, has expensive middle men and shows worse results in basically every study for the majority of the population and still around 50 million Americans were uninsured pre-ACA.

      *Society doesn’t get to make the rules of what should and should not be paid for with tax money.*
      Yes it does, to argue otherwise is beyond idiotic. Who do you think decides it? God? Nature? We do, the reality is we choose what we believe should be paid by taxes. Just because something is in the constitution does not make it permanent, thus we why have *amendments* .

      *Something is either ok to recieve tax for or it isn’t. Voting for an immoral act doesn’t make it moral.*
      I find it ironic that you are arguing morality where you are arguing for something that most people would openly say its grossly immoral. I’m stating people should have coverage and not die due to treatable conditions and it should be universal since it’s cheaper, covers more people and for most people, has better results. You are arguing its immoral to pay through taxes to save people by giving them healthcare.

      Again another subjective point on your behalf which is decided by society and the vast majority of people are disagreeing with you ant man.

  3. Why are you stupid Americans so far behind in everything? The rest of the civilized world has had UHC for decades. You idiots haven’t even gone to the metric system FFS.

    • ccmanize it’s because we our whole system is run by big money, but we will get it back,

    • @ccmanize Because America didn’t get destroyed in ww1 or ww2. When a government throws it’s citizens into a meat grinder twice in under 30 years, the least they can do Is cover their medical bills. America has never had that problem. We never had to build it from the ground up like you guys did.

    • Don’t you know? It’s because we’re EXCEPTIONAL! We must remain exceptional in many ways, which includes being exceptionally far behind on these issues.

  4. i think we have to give a lot of credit to Bernie, because he put universal healthcare into the national debate for good, not just supporting the ACA which is a harder argument because its fundamentally flawed.

    Before him it was just some silly little leftist progressive thing that nobody was really thinking about and the Dems were not concerned with being pressured on, but he put it into people’s brains that nobody should be allowed to die for being sick or not having healthcare. And once that happend, it wasn’t going to be something the GOP or the Dems could just shoo away by saying the ACA was the best you were going to get in America

    Convincing citizens to demand and expect more from their government, its a beautiful thing

    • Well that’s my point. people have been talking about this stuff for years and years, but it took someone like Bernie preaching on the national stage in every debate to get people to start thinking about a lot of this stuff as more than a nice dream

    • Richard Wolff is a lot more than a progressive, but yes, there is definately some accellerationism going on 🙂

    • Actually, if you look at your history you will find that single payer healthcare was first proposed in United States of America over 70 years ago. In my Opinion it in somewhat Americans fault for forgetting about it and not continuing to fight for it! Imagine all the harm that could have been avoided if you had implemented it then.

  5. When Fox commentators do a better job pushing for single payer than the corporate Democrats, you know that it is time for #Justicedemocrats

    • Brian Donovan I doubt he’s pushing it, he’s just offering an analysis that concludes with the inevitability of single-payer.

    • That’s the point. Just by simply doing this analysis, he’s doing a better job promoting single payer than the corporate Democrats are with their “defend the ACA” dance.

  6. you know, as a non-american, I would like to support justice democrats, but I don’t know if me signing the petitions will count (seeing as how I’m not an American citizen). What would be the best way for a non-american such as myself to support justice democrats?

  7. I really don’t see the GOP taking big losses in 2018. Many districts have been so gerrymandered that the GOP seats are all but guaranteed. On the Senate side, the dems are defending far more seats than the repubs. I expect both houses to stay in GOP control. I just do not see the GOP paying a price. I hope i am wrong.

    • we can regain he Senae, bu will never regain he House unil 2022. we have o pick up seas in Sae legislaures and Sae Senaes oo guaranee House wins in 2022

    • +Jon Rosen Oh, you again. The guy with a very loose grasp of the facts, concerning not just the healthcare system, but also apparently the electoral map for 2018.

    • we COULD save the Senate, but not get the House until 2022. we COULD also win State Houses, State Senates, and possibly Governors seats

  8. WTF?! Fox News just allowed single payer and healthcare as a right to be said on their airwaves with out a shouting down and attack? Is Fox moving left while MSNBC moves right?

    • No, Fox is moving Center and finding MSNBC. That’s how it’s Always Been. The Right just went lunar
      right allowing any thing they get to be a win. It’s the old “heads I win, tails you lose”. Follow the policy

    • Chris Rhodes The MSM is fast becoming an irrelevance, who cares where they go, they will only lie wherever they are heading

  9. Kyle? I’m not sure if you’ll see this but can Justice Democrats add a page to the website with the names to who’s supporting the universal healthcare bill?

    • Crunch According to Cenk the whole platform in negotiable. The only litmus test is you must take no SuperPAC money. You must be in favor of getting money out of politics.

    • Ken Bone Copied from the Justice Democrats platform at


      The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system. There’s no reason we can’t be #1 in the world instead of #37. It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by rapacious, price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen.

  10. I wish Fox News would be this realistic in their analysis of things even 50% of the time. That guy said some real truth in there.

    • Dan Mason lol. Okay, Krauthammer is mostly right on this one, but let’s be clear, he’s usually about as nutty as the rest of them. This is a case of even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • I said Decent. Not great, not even good. He makes alot more sense than Hannity or Gutfeld or any of their glamour models.

    • Dan Mason No. I can count on one hand how many decent moments Fox News has in a decade. I liked it when Shep Smith railed against the US doing enhanced interrogation techniques – “We don’t fucking torture!!”

  11. I just had my last eye surgery. I am no longer blind. Thanks to Obamacare. If it’s cut though, I die. At least I got to see before I died.

    • Well, the right-wing don’t care about you. You’re not a fetus or a dollar.

      I’m glad you’re no longer blind. I hate for all that to go right out the window.

    • Corporate democrats actively fought against single payer even when they had control over both houses of Congress. Dem senator Max Baucus even called capitol police on people protesting for single payer.

    • I called Dianne Feinstein office because of the lied about single payer . Then her office gives me bullshit about the cost of single payer from a debunked study .

      They tell me that she supports a public option I asked what was the different between public options and Medicare for all if they did not know

      I asked if they had a problem the way we pay for no answer .

      I guess she needs to ask the health care company what’s okay with them before she can answer me

  12. and who is to thank for 63% of americans now wanting single-payer? BERNIE FUCKING SANDERS. with a little help from John Oliver and Michael Moore (Sicko), and the internet for exposing how much better other countries have it. And Kyle and TYT for giving us the actual numbers and data.

    • I’d gladly give up a larger portion of my income to insure EVERY American. But get this, it doesn’t have to be that way either. A good portion of our taxes go to fund all our fucking wars. Our military budget is bloated.
      Marijuana can be legalized and taxed. We can close tax loopholes and stop rich fucks from using tax havens. It works beautifully in countless other countries.
      Face the facts, people like you are greedy and/or clueless. People over profits

    • We’re Living in 1984 Exactly, we always have more revenue to hemorrhage to the military industrial complex, Wall Street, etc. Our government can re-budget and end corporation welfare and directly serve John Q Public for a change.

    • The percentage has been calculated to be 3% of payroll income for people who earn below $52,000 and 6% of payroll income for people who earn above $52,000 by Gerald Friedman, PhD in Economics. The added benefit is no monthly premium, no deductible, no co-pay, no out-of-pocket expense. No medical bankruptcies. See One pager on financing and cost savings of HR 676

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