Fox Host Attacks on Medicare For All BACKFIRES spectacularly

Fox Host was Attacking Medicare For All backfires after rep.
Ro Khanna points out that it will cost less

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will release a proposal Wednesday afternoon to transition the United States to a single-payer health care system, one where a single government-run plan provides insurance coverage to all Americans.

The Sanders plan envisions a future in which all Americans have health coverage and pay nothing out of pocket when they visit the doctor. His plan, the Medicare for All Act, describes a benefit package that is more generous than what other single-payer countries, like Canada, currently offer their residents.

The Sanders plan goes into great detail about the type of coverage Americans would receive. But it provides no information on how it would finance such a generous health care system. Americans’ taxes would have to change to pay for this kind of proposal. But it’s impossible to tell who would pay significantly more for their coverage and who would pay less, and by how much. This is a crucial part of any health care plan, and in the Sanders proposal, it is notably absent.

So while the plan would certainly move the American uninsured rate from around 8.8 percent to nearly zero in theory, it’s impossible to tell what it would take to get there and what the bigger economic picture would look like if we did.

27 thoughts on “Fox Host Attacks on Medicare For All BACKFIRES spectacularly

  1. Wow, that woman got had big time and then pretended that she could argue against it for hours, but she got to go. Classic moron with no intellectual capacity whatsoever.

    • If taking a chip, “mark of the beast is your thing” just to qualify for healthcare……..there is not a word I can say except…..I’d think it over and do my homework before I get chipped.

    • Brenda Boze
      You’re cut and pasting skills suck. You’re sinking quite quickly. “Mark of the beast” that’s hysterical. The conspiracy theorists are slowly fading away. Perhaps take heed yourself.

    • I’m not sure where chipping or RFID tracking was brought into the discussion, but my comment has nothing to do with that, specifically.

      However, it’s a mute point… Anyone who already uses/has a mobile phone, credit/debit cards, smart TV’s, uses public WiFi, home internet, and the worst, Facebook, Facebook Messenger & ANY/ALL Google products (just to name a few): YOU ARE ALREADY BEING TRACKED. So, Healthcare is the least of your worries lol.

      Also, anyone with an Android phone or iPhone – go into the privacy settings of your phone, and dig into the System & Service settings… Your provider (and Apple/Google) already has all of your Locations, Frequent Locations, Apps & Websites visited, etc.

      Facebook Messenger (By default; once you agree to the terms & conditions) has 100% constant access to your microphone, camera, contacts, locations, etc, and also mines your conversations for keywords….

      And you’re worried about Healthcare taking away privacy? LMFAO!

      The vast majority of the public has lost their privacy, (albeit unwittingly by using some or all of the services & products I listed, and selecting “AGREE” without reading a single word), LONG, Long ago…

    • Brenda Boze
      Or people in this reality will get an insurance card like regular humans. Alex Jones has you people convinced that every conspiracy theory is a legit thing. Its sad.

    • Brenda Boze I don’t think people care about the mark, if they did we’d be sinning a whole lot less. I don’t want the mark, but fornications ok gtfoh. You don’t speak for reasonable people.

  2. Universal healthcare hurts pharma, insurance companies and large hospital fees. Benifits people and the budget. I see no problem here. Just less profit for the big boys (which was based on a self-constructed business model). They’ll get over it and people will live

  3. I’m from Canada, and Americans love the talking points that Canadians go to America for surgery. I know lots of people who have suffered a variety of diseases and injuries and I’v never heard of anyone going to the states for help. Official statistics say that 50,000 Canadians annually go to the States for treatment. That is less than 1% of our population.

  4. The Medicare system is already in place. Making Medicare for all wouldn’t be unrealistic or difficult to do. It would cut out the healthcare insurance companies that are profitable businesses & bring the cost of healthcare down.

  5. Canada is fine. So are other countries who have universal health care. WE are the only industrialized country that doesn’t have health care for all b/c of corporate GREED. But, we’re on our way! Someday, we will have Medicare for All, & those greedy insurance & drug companies & hospitals/doctors that rip us off will be a thing of the past. Change is coming, folks! Welcome it.

  6. It sounds appealing because it is appealing. Notice that the USA is the country with the healthcare crisis, not all the other first world countries that sensibly use single-payer. Capitlism is grand for manufacturing cars and lightbulbs, but for healthcare capitalist insurance is an extortionate train-wreck.

  7. I live in the UK and prescriptions are very heavily subsidised at a flat fee of just over £8.00…plus you can pre-pay a fixed nominal fee of approx £100.00 to cover your whole year’s prescriptions no matter how many they are including repeats…. all children up to age 16 (or older depending on circumstances), pregnant women to a year post delivery, people on welfare and benefits, over 60’s as well as armed forces personnel get their prescriptions free of charge. GP consultations and all hospital appointments, procedures and stays are free for all…. this woman needs to get an education before we embarrass her further for lying through her teeth. Oh wait.. Can she actually allow herself to learn ??? hmmm

  8. That’s what happens when ignorant, misinformed people go up against informed, intelligent people! Even after Ro told her how it saves our country money, she pushes the same old ignorant talking point about how people “feel” or “say” that we can afford it! This is what happens when you’re either ignorant and misinformed or paid a lot to push lies!!!

  9. She’s talking down the health care in the UK, Australia, Germany and every other civilised country in the world who care about the health if all it’s people. Just when you thought a Fox reporter couldn’t be any more dumber…
    It’s as if she never listened to a word this man said but then Fox represent big buisiness and in this case that means the pharmaceutical and insurance industries who having been screwing Americans for decades.

  10. Watching that performance on her part brings the word feeble to mind. She forgot buzz words like “income redistribution” or “job creators” like most Republicunts lol

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