Florida Medigap Plans. Florida Medicare Supplement

Medicare Part A beneficiaries are required to meet a $1,288 deductible for each benefit period. After meeting that deductible the beneficiary pay a $0 coinsurance for Days 1–60 with for each benefit period, $322 coinsurance per day during Days 61–90 of each benefit period, $644 coinsurance per day for Days 91 and beyond. All cost Beyond lifetime reserve days are not capped meaning there is no limit to the beneficiary's out of pocket financial exposure.

Medicare Part B covers Doctor services, Outpatient care , Preventative services, Ambulance services, Cancer screenings, chemo therapy, Diabetes screenings, diabetes supplies, Durable medical equipment and more. A limited amount of coverage is also provided for services that include chiropractic care, vision, hearing and Laboratory.
The PREMIUM for beneficiaries new to Medicare in 2016 is $121.80 per month. That amount can change depending on the beneficiary's income. That Part B premium is usually automatically deducted from the beneficiary's Social Security income payment. Medicare Part B has an ANNUAL DEDUCTIBLE of $166, and 20% COINSURANCE on most services. Part B like Part A does not limit the amount of Financial Liability a beneficiary may have.
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