Fight For Medicare For All: #StandUp4Medicare

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Medicare for all needs to happen. Here’s how you can help. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Last week, Reps. John Conyers Jr. and Ro Khanna responded to the persistent ACA Repeal attempts with a commitment of their own. At a Friday press conference on Capitol Hill, they took the Stand Up for Medicare Pledge (video here).

Now they are inviting their fellow HR 676 co-sponsors, and all members of Congress who stand for single payer to join them.”*

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Fight For Medicare For All: #StandUp4Medicare

77 thoughts on “Fight For Medicare For All: #StandUp4Medicare

    • I’m totally for Justice Democrats, bur Cenk’s “we’re a business” excuse for being new corporate media is pathetic, just own it. you are dependent on big money just like the rest of the corporate media now, unlike Democracy Now. not to mention the ads they are doing for that bank

    • +Johnny Blazem Bad grammar. Check. Misspelling of common, every-day words, check. Lack of punctuation. Check. Stupid point that makes no sense. Check. Hey! We hit Trumptard BINGO!!!!

  1. Fighting medicare for all is like fighting clean air for all. Its hard to imagine what moron would fight it. Then again trump supporters do exist.

    • mrh Since the hospital will treat you knowing you can’t pay, the people paying for insurance is where they will make it up anyway, with uncontrolled prices. If we put you in charge of buying drugs for the us system, would you pay whatever they asked or would you drive a hard bargain for your people? The drug companies, my man, do not want you telling them the price is too high, and you;re not buying their product for your 350M clients until they reduce it.

    • Kevin Montrond Well, if you are against the government taxing everybody to pay for something that most could do on their own then I guess that makes them a moron.

  2. the criticism is states can’t afford it. i don’t know if it’s true, but that’s the first criticism you hear. on the other side, doctors aren’t happy with medicare payouts for their services. a lot of doctors won’t accept new medicare patients, or if they do they want a substantial patient co-pay. my neighbor’s and older woman with medicare and she got a letter from one of her doctors stating that for her to stay in his practice she needs to pay a $2,500 annual fee.

    • as a slice of history, senator lieberman, holding the deciding vote in the senate for the ppa (obamacare) back in 2010, refused to get on-board if the single payer ‘government option’ (essentially, medicare) was left in the bill.

    • That doctor would go out of business pretty fast if the bill passes since every single customer would be under the plan. Also, the states would be funded through the extra taxes everyone would pay which would very likely be less than the insurance premiums now.

  3. But Cenk, Ben Shapiro told me we can’t afford it cause *something something* ” I wife’s a doctor” *something something* Furniture

    • +Victim cards on sale Yeah. Well lazy people shouldn’t get free stuff. I have a great job and make a sufficient amount of money, but I don’t want my taxes going to lazy poor people.

    • Public healthcare doesnt involve taking over industries – just hospitals and reimbursement of medicinal products and devices. I find letting citizens die because they cant afford healthcare immoral. Government involvement does not equate to a lack of efficiency

    • I understand that, but not everyone that can’t afford health care is lazy. You have people that work two jobs and still can’t afford health care bill. You can’t call them lazy. You have people that can’t work (different disabilities). Then you have people that just came out of school or college that hasn’t got jobs yet or option to be insured through their parents. There is a lot of situations when people can’t afford or get health insurance even if they are not lazy. Sure, there will always be a percentage of people that don’t want to work and are simply lazy. But should be pushed under the bus all others because of them? I’m sure there are much more people that can’t afford or get insurance than lazy people.

    • CountJimbo I am not saying that the government will completely take control over industry. However I still don’t think it’s right that the government will be taking the level of control that they will be. Regardless of that, I’m also against paying for it through the tax dollar of the wealthy. I’m not arguing about the efficiency of public healthcare, I’m arguing as to weather the manner in which it will be conducted is right or wrong.

  4. medicare only pays for 80 percent of the bill …do your research, YOU FAKELEFTISTS…all the other western nations get better than that…FOR EVERYONE..

    • HR 676 would pay for everything, with no deductibles or co-pays. It would also cover dental, eyesight, and hearing.

    • yeah yeah yeah…and then if the people vote for it, you Dems will prove to be liars just like obama was a liar when he beat clinton in 2008 by saying he wanted a public option and then bending over for global capitalist operatives in the senate without putting up any fight at all…..oh, but THIS TIME it will be different, right? NO…it will be the same bait and switch…pretend to be leftist and then once in power, it will be just more cramming immigrants into america to lower wages and drive up asset prices and yet more ‘healthcare’ legislation that is nothing but welfare for the insurance corporations….I am an OLD MAN, you fakeLefitsts…I have seen the fakeLeftists in action for DECADES…

  5. The only way Medicare for all fails is if people stop fighting for it.
    Lobbyists never stop, thats why they always win.

    • whyamimrpink78 it is running out of money because politicians keep cutting it. A simple redirection of resources will solve that

    • Medicare is doing great. Small fry like wyamimrpink78 have a couple of grand invested in healthcare stocks and think that they are big time players. They are just tools being used by the rich to preserve their profits.

    • Amber L.
      both systems are goverment run healthcare, i can’t opt out of paying payroll tax can i? i can’t go to the goverment and take out what paid into it. according to the CBO Medicare was about to be insolvent in 2016 if it wasn’t for the affordable healthcare act(i’d like to link the wallstreet journal article but i’m not sure if my comment will show). the free market is the only way you can get better healthcare.

  6. Sorry but I’m not on board with the government taking over private industries against their will. And besides… HOW U GUNNA PAY 4 IT?

    • The bill says for one of its payment methods: “by increasing personal income taxes on the top 5% of income earners” and more taxes. So we have a Robin Hood payment method… great. Literally just taking money from rich people to pay for things.

      I honestly can’t see the moral justification for this bill. If this bill becomes law: the government takes control over private industry and decides how much a company can charge and how much a doctor is paid and it is partly funded by stealing money from people only because they make more.

    • Boscod • they take ur money and give it to the rich in subsidies… Reverse Robin Hood. And u think that’s morally justifiable?

    • Shannon ruiz Never said that. I think that the government should mostly not be involved in business. That’s my position.

  7. So we fight till we get medicare for all.. After that passes whats next that thing that we fight for. the question we should be asking is why do we have to fight this hard to get things to help Americans. like better healthcare better education better water better jobs. basically a better life for the 99 percent not give everything to the 1 percent who can afford anything they want. Why does the fight have to be so hard in american when so many small nations get it better then us..

    • Jason Thiner we fight for Walmart to provide free food and water cuz ya know, that’s more important than health care.

    • Once you fight for something and “win,” you always have to be prepared to defend it, because the opposition is well-funded and committed.

      Roe v. Wade has been fought for over 40 years.

  8. Here’s the truth:
    Medicare and Social Security are the most SUCCESSFUL things America has ever achieved for it’s citizens.
    These programs WORK!
    Stop believing all the conservative garbage about Socialist fear mongering.

    • If you cut back on bombing 3rd world countries you could carry the health care cost of the entire world… Silly american.

    • Clearly i was exaggerating, however it would go a hell of a long way. If you silly Americans can’t fund single payer health care, then you are doing something seriously wrong. Virtually every other developed country can do it, and even some non-developed ones.. Americans are too weak economically? LOL

  9. medicare for all is like free healthcare…..RIGHT…?……..until you are rationed due to high cost….wait a month for an appointment……or DIE…….due to overcrowding.

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