Explaining the Medicare Part D coverage gap (“doughnut hole”)

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We discuss the coverage gap in Medicare Part D and how this is changing under the Affordable Care Act.

Explaining the Medicare Part D coverage gap ("doughnut hole")


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3 thoughts on “Explaining the Medicare Part D coverage gap (“doughnut hole”)

  1. WHAT? You think you mutton heads explained the do nut hole with that discussion? You didn’t even scratch the surface of explaining the “Gap” or donut hole. You only focused on what financial planners have to consider when doing their jobs. You never mentioned the $2850.00 of expense used up before someone enters the gap, and you never mentioned the $4,750.00 TROOP someone must spend out of pocket before they move on to Catastrophic coverage. Do you eggheads ever watch what you put out?

  2. Worst explanation of Medicare Part D ever.  This is why financial planners that are not savvy on Medicare should just leave it alone.  If you own this video please take it down.

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