Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All

Progressive populist Paula Jean Swearengin faces an uphill battle against entrenched corporatist Joe Manchin. The good news: she has lots of time. Help fund progressive Democratic primary challengers at:

""We're going to War," Paula Jean Swearengin announces with a chuckle as we dip around winding roads in the thick of the Appalachian Mountains. She's talking about War, West Virginia—population 862—but she might as well be talking about herself.

Swearengin hasn't been given much of a chance against her much better-known, better-funded opponent. "It's like David versus Goliath if David didn't have a sling or a rock," says Walt Auvil, a former county Democratic Party chair who ran for the state party's leadership in 2010.

But Swearengin and her supporters hope that by running on a left-wing populist platform that stresses economic and environmental justice, they can turn back the tide of red that's swept over the state. It's a stark contrast to Manchin's middle of the roadism, and the gamble is that voters aren't ideological conservatives so much as they are frustrated with the results of centrist Democratic control.”*

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Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All

27 thoughts on “Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All

  1. That’s because the public is being educated and exposed to what it would be like to have and not have medical insurance. We’re also learning when a republican senator or congressman says ” Were doing this for the voters.” They really mean ‘ Donors.’

  2. Bought and paid for Manchin is a republican posing as a Democrat, west Virginia needs to wake up and vote for Paula Jean who will listen to the people and not to the corporations.

  3. I don’t trust that poll about the public option vs medicare for all. I don’t doubt that people would support the ideas, but I highly, highly doubt that an even remotely high number of West Virginians (or any Americans for that matter) could accurately describe the difference between Single Payer, Public Option, ObamaCare, or Pure Private Insurance

    • He actually has a point. There is so much misinformation and all out lies being spread by the media that creates a lot of fog. People don’t know what to believe so they just listen to what makes them feel better. It is also important to note that even if the differences are explained some polsters may bias the poll by explaining them in a way that promotes one over the other. It is however being increasingly evident that Americans are dissatisfied with the current for profit system and are desiring to turn away from it in favor of a system that provides more universal care that does not bankrupt our society.

  4. I have a question, America. Since when have women become unnecessary? The GOP are doing their darnedest to eliminate women’s basic health coverage. Apparently, women don’t need reproductive health coverage, or pregnancy health coverage. Do these retards not have mothers, wives, sisters or daughters? I guess not. I guess these guys all just miraculously appeared, in their suits, on the streets of DC, ready to go do battle against the scourge of womanhood.
    I think it will come as a ghastly shock to the GOP that a lot of these ladies are A) fed up to the back teeth with them, and B) able to vote!

    • Sandra Nelson
      In the Not too distant future Men will No longer require women for Sex as holograms are coming and will be so realistic that you would not know the difference, just think of the holodecks on the Sci Fi show Star Trek or the artificial women on Westworld. No more worrying about rejection and satisfaction guaranteed every time, As for babies there is already a studies underway to have artificial Wombs outside of the female body in order to grow babies, So as you can see Women will soon be unnecessary for the two most important things that are currently necessary, Sex and babies !!

    • well you see hun those women are absolute saints in their mind but all other women are complete sluts and have to be punished every minute of every day for the crime of actually enjoying sex.

      btw you have an awesome name 😀

    • Sandra Nelson
      Might be a shock to a liberal scumbag like you but there is something called conservative women, not every women is a liberal baby killers like you and your liberal Obama cocksucking whores !!
      President Trump got more College and Non College educated women than Romney and he will get even more women votes in 2020!!

    • ^  Typical white trash sexist/rapey Don the Con fanboy, wants to own womens bodies like Pence typing bullshit and lies on the videos.  You could block this paint hufferor report him  x

  5. Joe Manchin has literally been there for a 100 years. It’s amazing that 8% have heard of Paula. She can do it with our support. We need Manchin out of there.

  6. We are not livestock who should be let-go, when we are too old, sick or lame to labor-for or be profitable-to someone else.
    INSURERS have “politicized” this issue, by hiring expensive lobbyists & funding campaigns. Money that could be going to care.

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