2 thoughts on “Elder Care Advocacy of Florida Executive Director on Cuts to Medicare Advantage

  1. Rick Scott and the RPOF doing what they do best, SCARE senior citizens.
    What they really mean when they say they “stand with seniors” is they stand
    with the low-quality, high-cost, private (for-profit) Medicare Advantage
    insurance companies who are receiving unnecessary FEDERAL TAX SUBSIDIES.
    The ACA does not eliminate Medicare Advantage. The ACA simply gets rid of
    federal tax subsidies for low quality plans. So there you have it. Rick
    Scott standing for your and my federal tax dollars subsidizing corporate
    profiteering off of Florida’s seniors. Yet another shameful act from this
    shameful excuse for a public servant. Yet another lie from Rick Scott and
    his sorry cadre of thieves exposed.

  2. Austin Curry is such a wonderful advocate for Florida’s seniors! Thank you
    for lending your voice and your thoughts on such an important issue. God
    bless you, Austin. 

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