EDC Medicare Kit from Polymath Products


17 thoughts on “EDC Medicare Kit from Polymath Products

  1. Looks like a useful thing for the keyring ( or preferably not if you get my
    meaning, lol ). I have to say I’m not that keen on that liquid skin stuff
    though – it never seemed to work too well tbh. But maybe it’s been improved
    nowadays. Anyway, keeping a couple of plasters in your wallet is pretty
    much a no-brainer anyway, lol.

  2. That’s a cool kit, I just had a experience liked you talked about, I was
    going out to search for fat wood like 15 min from my shop, I got up there
    and accidentally poked my self in the leg with my knife, well I didn’t
    think nothing then I looked down and my whole leg and pant leg was red, I
    had to take my shoe laces out of my shoe, roll my pant leg up and make a
    make shift bandage till I could get back to the shop for my supplies, I
    won’t go out unprepared again!

  3. They’re a great idea and I’m going to get one. But might not be adequate
    for the sort of wound that FO big knife might cause? 🙂 more of an urban
    boo-boo kit perhaps

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