drchrono + Health eFilings – Seamless Medicare Compliance with PQRS Accelerator


See how Health eFilings, now integrated with drchrono EHR, allows you to effectively comply with CMS reporting programs. Fully automated using your existing drchrono account, Health eFilings helps you avoid CMS penalties and submits to Medicare on your behalf.


drchrono is an electronic health record (EHR), practice management and medical API platform. drchrono offers medical forms customization at the point of care. The platform is available on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android and web.

drchrono includes scheduling, documentation, integration's into all U.S. labs, a fax number is assigned to fax in and out on iPad and web, messaging your team, other physicians and patients, medical speech-to-text, Mayo Clinic education material, real-time patient eligibility checking, macro buttons, medical billing templates, business intelligence, live claim status reports, credit card processing and medical billing connected to all payors within the United States for claim submissions. Drawing on clinical notes on iPad is available, the drawing lets providers and office staff notate diagrams, X-rays or other files; they can also use the iPad's built-in cameras to take pictures and embed them in the patient's record. Prescriptions can be sent electronically via iPhone, iPad, and the Internet;

For your patients, there is a patient portal. Patients can fill out medical forms and registration from home, pay co-pay, deductibles, and other amounts. Patients can schedule times, message providers, see invoices and amounts due, view patient education material the provider has sent and view labs and medications. Patients get text for reminders about upcoming appointments.

There is a patient waiting room check-in app as well, where a staff member or provider can hand a tablet to a patient to fill out all demographics and other information.

The platform also enables developers built through the medical API. The platform has hundreds of apps that a practice can add to enhance their experience.

The platform is free with paid upgrade enhancements.



drchrono is certified as a complete EHR (Electronic Health Record) in accordance with ONC-ATCB stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria.

Use a better EHR. Access your EHR from an iPad, iPhone, the web, or an Android device – no contract required. Within minutes of downloading the app, you're ready to use a fully featured and certified EHR. For free.

– For every healthcare provider. Now, you can take your practice anywhere, at any time.
– Easy to use. Launch the app, and start using the EHR within seconds.
– Safe and secure. All industry-standard security practices are met.

drchrono is an innovative, point of care solution that enhances the healthcare practice experience. We take care of all of your scheduling, medical billing, and clinical needs.

Getting Started:
1) Download the App.
2) Create your account.
3) Start using it in your practice.



From administrative work to back-end billing, drchrono’s easy-to-use Practice Management and Medical Billing improves productivity and increases efficiency by streamlining your workflow.

See how your practice is performing with easy to understand reports and graphs. Find out whether you’re getting paid, how fast you’re getting paid and get a deeper understanding of it all in our advanced reports.

In this age of reduced reimbursements, getting paid appropriately for services and on time is a priority for most practices. The platform has achieved impressive results for our clients due to a few key reasons.



Build Something Amazing. Free Healthcare API and SDK built by developers, for developers. Leverage health data, an EHR, practice management and medical billing platform.

Tutorial: drchrono & Health eFilings for Seamless Medicare Compliance // drchrono EHR

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