Dr. Paul Song: Medicare for ALL

Dr. Paul Song is arguably one of the most compelling advocates for Medicare for All, and meaningful health care reform. This video feature's Dr. Song's acceptance speech for the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM) 2016 Tim Carpenter Courage Award for "work outside of the Democratic Party".

When he spoke on September 10, 2016 in Topanga Canyon, California at the 11th annual PDSMM birthday party, Dr. Song referenced a controversial statement he made the Spring of 2016 during a New York City rally for Bernie Sanders – a clip of that honest but controversial statement is included in this video.

"We all know what to expect from Republicans and thus when they vote against the things we stand for we kind of expect that – but frankly we have a real problem in Congress and especially here in California where each year more and more progressive legislation is being held hostage by a group of corporate Democrats who continue to do the bidding of big oil, insurance companies, Big Pharma and other powerful interests."
~ Dr. Paul Song

Thanks to Erika Gabaldon Feresten for the photo of Dr. Song, his daughter Jett and Jennifer DiNicola

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Dr. Paul Song: Medicare for ALL

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