Does Texas Support Medicare For All?

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Do people in Texas support medicare for all? Cenk Uygur interviews Beto O'Rourke, a progressive congressman from Texas who refuses to take corporate money. Watch the full interview here:

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Does Texas Support Medicare For All?


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48 thoughts on “Does Texas Support Medicare For All?

  1. It seems crazy that the US has a ‘healthcare’ system based on profit. I consider myself to be blessed to live in a civilized country.

  2. If you talk with a plurality of Texans, many will tell you single-payer is the only option (and this is is places like Tarrant and Parker counties).

  3. As much as I love this guy, unfortunately, I don’t think a progressive can win in Texas. Although I sincerely hope he does!

    • Robert Alan I don’t feel oppressed by real Texans as you say..because real Texans look after each other and want people to be able to get their rightful care they should be able to get by right

    • Robert Alan oh I see well I believe there should be a constitutional right health care if we have a right to bear arms we should have a right to healthcare as most counties one in a great country like ours should go bankrupt juat because the sought one

  4. No we wouldn’t say ‘cojones’. That’s not a common word in Northern Mexico/border. An El Pasoan is likely to say ‘huevos’ cause if you’re gonna use bad words, you’re likely to be as crude as it can get.

  5. Well I’ve lived in the RGV for most of my life and I’m currently in El Paso. And at least in these 2 areas of Texas, I can say that most people do really like Medicare. As for Medicare-for-all, The number is slightly less, but it’s still really popular. If I’m still in El Paso when it’s time to vote, I’m voting for him.

    • He doesn’t support Medicare for all in the House because it would completely abolish private insurance, and the funds for the system can only to go public or non profit institutions. Bernie’s bill still allows for private insurance for those who can afford and want to step out of the system, and funds from the program in Bernie’s bill can go to privately run institutions like Medicaid and Medicare do now. That’s his objection to it.

  6. When are you gonna interview Aron Ra. He’s running for state senate in Texas where it’s illegal for an atheist to run for office?

  7. This guy is bloody brilliant, i love his lateral thinking and also his ability to detect in advance what the other side might say

  8. Single payer is easy to put in to place. Just pass legislation that out laws profiteering on healthcare. Yes private Health Insurance Companies may go out of business, however they have already made billions. They will be just fine as long as they practice financial responsible.

  9. Genuine question as a supporter and recipient of medicare for all in Australia. How does the public option work in terms of funding? Wouldnt it just be the less well off that want to buy into it which would cause an increase of load on the system without a proportional increase of tax coming from those people. Seems unsustainable to me. Universal medicare on the other hand where the wealthy have to contribute makes perfect sense to me. Willing to be educated on this

    • To be clear, we do not have a public option. There are interesting ways that we can implement that if inclined, but I’m not sure that we’re more inclined to do that over Medicare for All in the current political environment. We want Medicare for All. BUT, since you asked, right now Medicare only covers old people, so we already have a hugely popular system here that pretty much covers the large portion of the population that is not as well off. We also have Medicaid, which only covers the very poor, so it also largely covers people that are not well off. If our public option combined those two programs and let companies be able to buy in, which many would certainly do because it would save them money, then that would probably improve everything overall because more well off people would now be mixing into that system.

    • The way medicare for all is intended to work would be you pay say $3,000 a year in extra taxes, BUT you don’t have copays, deductibles and the overhead is about 2% compared to the nearly 17% of current insurance companies. Further people would be able to buy supplemental insurance for things like elective procedures such as breast enlargement.(at least that’s how I would run the handling of unneeded elective procedures). Also as it comes out of your taxes, assuming the republicans don’t steal all the tax revenue meant for the system, everyone in the country should be covered.

    • Christian, I think that believing the overhead would remain at 3% and would not increase exponentially as more workload was taken on is a bit naive.

    • +nexus1g it would likely increase to maybe to 5% in order to handle the larger volume BUT most of the overhead these for profit insurance companies have is because of things like CEO pay

    • That’s hardly true, Christian. CEO pay is a drop in the bucket to their revenue. In fact, the reason that the current system only has a 3% overhead is because the system reimburses private companies who take on all of the management work. Having such reimbursement programs actually increases operating costs because of required government reporting for reimbursement. It’s beneficial for them overall, but it does add additional overhead.

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