Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

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Medicare cover dentures?
Medicare Cover Dentures? Dentures and most dental procedures are two things that Medicare doesn’t cover. If you’ll look here at the screen, here’s a list of the things that Medicare does not cover and dentures and most dental care is right there in the middle of it. What they mean by most dental care is emergency dental is covered. If you have an accident and your teeth get knocked out that is going to be covered. Dental and dentures are not covered unless in the case of emergency or life-threatening disease. For example a lot of people ask us about vision and if you had a disease of the eye that would be covered. But glasses/contacts & the corresponding exams is not covered.
So we get this question a lot for many years. We have never offered Dental or Hearing plans. Finally one of the companies that we do Medicare Supplements with has come up with a very good dental, vision and hearing plan for about $1 a day. So if you want to continue on I have a video for that right behind this. You’re going to see my smiling face again it’s a very interesting plan. I have some dental issues myself; it’s not just for seniors. That’s why I got this dental plan. I will use mine for dental primarily, and perhaps contacts later on.
Again it’s YOUR choice how to use your “pool” of money… whether it’s dental, vision, hearing or a combination of the 3. If you don’t want to watch the video right now, check out our website Thanks again for checking out Are Dentures covered on Medicare. If you have any questions feel free to call us. Our number is (888) 506-7510 if we can help you with anything. Maybe you are confused and overwhelmed by Medicare over information. Have a look at our 6 part Medicare Mini Course.

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