Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic ?

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Medicare Cover Chiropractic
Medicare Cover Chiropractic? This is one of those yes but answers so I just went straight to and I got the direct answer if you’ll look here on the screen. Medicare will cover chiropractic in only this situation and it is straight from when it is a manual manipulation of the spine to medically correct a subluxation when provided by a chiropractor or qualified provider. I didn’t know what subluxation was so here is the meaning I got from a dictionary. A subluxation is an incomplete or partial dislocation. With respect to chiropractic, it’s any mechanical impediment to nerve function originally a vertebral displacement believed to impair nerve function.
So that’s the only situation that Medicare will pay for the chiropractor. Notice here down below that you have to pay for the x-rays and any sort of massage therapy. So it’s a situation of only in that situation kind of answer and I know that’s a little bit confusing.
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Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic ?

2 thoughts on “Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic ?

  1. not true tho in a way. you cant trust a damn thing they say is covered the only thing you can trust is what you dr sys is covered with pre aprovel they request. I no I have fought things like this for years now. see I according to medicare am covered but yet the 3 different drs and my family drs office all sed they will not cover it and when they got in touch with medicare wear told they do not cover it. that its part of old coverage they no longer have. but the way I got this answer on a lot of things from them. what I also do not like is you can call them ask if something is covered and be told yes yet when the dr goes to get the aprovel do to it its not covered. that’s like anyone with glasses ask medacare once if they cover that they will say no not they do not cover anything to do with your eyes. well that’s not true I went to a eye dr my dr and asked them and they sed not fully true they cover your eye exzame.

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