16 thoughts on “Does Medicare Advantage Offer Much Advantage

  1. Washington State’s Group Health insurer dropped the 2014 Advantage plans
    that both my husband and I were on. Now I understand why.My inclination is
    to not enroll in an Advantage plan now. Medicare is just as good. without

  2. Medicare Advantage is Insurance that provides a limit to the costs for the
    patient. The MOOP, Maximum Out of Pocket, limits the patients liability for
    costs not paid by Original Medicare. My understanding is that there is
    unlimited liability for medical bills under original medicare, whereas the
    MOOP with Medicare Advantage limits the patient’s liability for unlimited
    costs to the MOOP.

  3. I retired at age 66 and during that time, Medicare didn’t offer anything
    other than part A and B. Currently, I am spending lots if many on my
    prescriptions. I am interested to know how I can lower the amount I have
    been spending on my prescriptions, considering I have a fixed income. thank
    you for the seminar – looks like there’s a lot more I need to know.

  4. Sounds like another way of taking away our health benefit rights and
    handing all the extra money over to the advantage companies. I will stick
    with regular medicare a & b and select the supplement plan to help with
    copays and deductables. The advantage plans would limit where i can go,
    what i get, and push me out of the hospital or simply deny procedures.

    • +C. Schmidt Hello Sir/Ma’am. Go to seniorsaversnetwork.com. There is a lot
      of information there for you. It’s free so join and get clarity. My contact
      info is there if you need help

    • +Eric Lyng …I saw your post on another video….you sound like you know
      what you are talking about…I really wish I could talk with you…I have
      got to sign up with Medicare next week & I am so confused….I have left
      you a message on your YT account….please I need some common sense help..

  5. Given the Urban emphasis of increased government subsidies, what part does
    ‘cost of living’ play in the allocation of the increased funding? For
    example, the increased premium could increase the the availability and the
    quality of the providers who would otherwise be providing services without
    profit or with marginal profit..

  6. My judgment is still out? Or there’s 4 me?Rolling along or hobbling
    alongtonight.Everyday is different when you have certain medical diagnosis?
    ??Lol Being Positive about it! What choice do we have in life.W we do what
    we think is right at the time and never know what the next minute, hour and
    Tomorrow will bring us!? Dennis 

  7. My illness is mental I hope to get as good as NHS healcare if not I’ll go
    in to political science and then we will have a great empire state
    university is what I’m doing sick

  8. I enjoyed your talk,but would like to suggest if you do more, speak to the
    camera. In this video you looked to your right and down all of the time.But
    it is geared to those concerned about where the money goes and comes from.
    It is not geared to choosing Advantage over Supplement choices for seniors.

    • +C Summers
      I agree with you. This guy is like one of my worst professors! He’s a
      genius and really knows the in’s and out’s of Health Insurance. But the
      Droning on and on….I’m more lost than before I watched this. 🙁
      I believe what's going on with these "Advantage" plans – and
      also the "Supplement" plans is this: These are your basic,
      greedy, profit-driven old school Insurance Companies, now with a different
      hat plus a Groucho Marx plastic nose & glasess, sniffing around seniors
      on Medicare looking to find a way to squeeze a profit out of them AND the
      ALL Insurance companies are in the business to do one thing: Make A Profit.
      Not help people. Make. A. Profit.

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